Heavy Heart

It has been a difficult week. What with social-distancing, having to work from home and seeing my plans being cancelled I have felt quite bleak. (more…)


Spring at the Marshes Photo Diary

Working from home, self-isolation and endless cancelled plans; Spring 2020 hasn’t been as beautiful as I had hoped it would be. That said, one small benefit of being holed up indoors and away from the office is that I’ve been able to visit the Marshes with my camera in tow. A short two minute drive from me, the Marshes is (currently) the ideal option for those of us who are choosing to social-distance. A large, outdoor space that is relatively quiet during the weekday, it’s a great place to fill your lungs with fresh air and get close to nature without the worry of making others ill.

Today I thought I’d share some Spring photos from the Marshes.


Who Am I?

When life is tough it is easy to lose yourself – let the pain wash away your happiness and sense of self-worth. Sometimes it feels as if you cannot control how others act towards you or the hand that life has dealt. And that is true – you can’t.

But bad events and bad people do not shape you or make you who you really are – sometimes they just mask that, for a little while. You are not a product of your traumas or the hurtful things someone said. You are not the ugly things that other people might think of you. You are not the long, lonely nights or the panic-ridden mornings. These things though impactful of your world view and the steps you take, are not the things that make you who you truly are.

You are the sum of all the kind acts you have performed behind closed doors – the things you do for others with no expectation of recognition in return. You are the songs you sing in the bathtub when you’re washing your hair. You are your hobbies, passions and interests – the things you create and share. You are all the things you love and enjoy in this life. And you are the compassion and empathy you willingly give to others.

No-one has the power to take these things away from you, although they might like to think they can try. When life is tough remember who you are and reject the idea that anyone or anything will ever have the power to change that.


Feb Life Updates

For the past few months things have been really weird. Day to day stuff has been difficult and there has been a lot playing on loop in my mind. I thought I’d share a few ‘life update’ things and I’ll explain why as I go, so sit tight.


A Thought

No one is disposable.

We all leave tiny marks on the hearts of those that love us. We leave whispers of ourselves in the words that we write and the photographs we take. In the things that we say and the laughter that lingers long after we are gone.

Tangible and intangible.

Ghosts aren’t men in white sheets coming to haunt us. Ghosts are the last ‘I love you’s’ we utter. The last hug goodbye. They’re the memories that spring to mind whether we want them to or not. Ghosts are the plans we didn’t get to make.

And in that way, I think, we never truly leave, we’re never truly gone. We live timelessly in the hearts that we mark.

No one is disposable – you can’t erase love.

Valentine’s Day

I have always loved Valentine’s Day – whether I was single or in a relationship, it didn’t really matter; how can you not enjoy all the cutesy heart-themed decorations and treats? If someone wasn’t treating me I could always treat myself; with Lush Unicorn Horns, Valentine’s-themed brooches or Sonny Angels. Today is always a good day to express love – to yourself, your significant other and even friends and family. But I knew this year would be a little harder to find the usual enthusiasm and love the holiday usually elicits in me.


Snippets of Joy Jan-Feb 12th

Through the tough times I have been working extra-hard to find little snippets and moments of joy. It hasn’t always been easy but I have found if you look hard and work hard you can find something to be happy about even in your darkest moments. I thought I’d share a few things that brought me joy during January up until this point. I may make this a weekly or monthly thing because I feel it’s so important to appreciate the little things and it’s good to look back on! (more…)

Lush Valentines Haul 2020

If you have been following PLF for awhile, you’ll know that alongside Halloween, the Lush Valentines range is one of my most anticipated. All of the cutesy heart designs, the sugary-sweet scents and of course the Unicorn Horns make for a seriously exciting collection. Today I thought I’d share my 2020 haul with you ahead of the big day!



This evening as I sat nursing my swollen, recently tattooed hand I got on to thinking about the past couple of months, the past year and beyond. One of the things about my Instagram account is that I tend to document almost everything that life throws my way; whether good or bad. So scrolling through my feed can become a real walk down memory lane and a reminder just how quickly and seemingly randomly life can change.



After eight days of crying and asking myself questions I could not find answers to I feel weak. I must have walked miles of damp pavement, smoked hundreds of cigarettes that soured in my mouth. I feel diminished. (more…)