I was bitterly disappointed to miss the Lush boxing day sales this year as I had hoped to snatch up lots of lovely bargains. To cheer myself up I thought I’d pick up a few exclusive goodies from the Lush Kitchen instead. I purchased all online and have not used any of these before.

When the box was delivered I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed as I favour fruity and sweet smells and this box was emanating a heavy floral scent. Kind of silly of me as almost everything I picked up has floral elements to it. Anyway, I’m still excited to give everything a go and broaden my Lush horizons.

Here’s what I got:

Furze Bath Oil, £2.00

I haven’t used a bath oil from Lush before but this is definitely something I want to get in to. Furze bath oil with its’ pressed amaranth flowers looked like a good place to start – and look how pretty it is! Rolled in elderflower, this heavily scented bath oil contains organic shea butter, fair trade organic cocoa butter and extra virgin coconut oil (amongst others) so will be super moisturising for the skin. In terms of scent this isn’t a personal favourite of mine but it is nice enough and for fans of traditional floral scents it will definitely be a winner.



Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb, £4.25

When I read that Golden Slumbers was perfect for inducing sleep, I snapped it up. There’s nothing quite like a nice lazy bath before bedtime so I thought this would be perfect. Another heavily floral scented product, Golden Slumbers contains lavender oil, lavender absolute, chamomile oil and neroli. It leaves the waters a beautiful golden colour. This would be perfect for a Sunday night treat to prepare and pamper you for the next day.



Cyanide Pill Bath Bomb, £3.95

My personal favourite from this haul has to be this bright yellow, pill shaped bath bomb, aptly named ‘cyanide pill’. With a fruity citrus scent, this bomb is definitely up my alley way. I haven’t used it yet but from demos online I have seen that it contains popping candy and silver lustre inside – exciting! I love bath bombs that have a hidden element to them so I’m looking forward to popping this in to the bath. It contains lemon oil, cedar wood oil, rosewood oil and almond essential oil amongst others.



Divination Bubble Bar, £6.95 (reusable)

Last but not least I snapped up two of the divination bubble bars. Bubble bars are a particular favourite of mine for their multi-use and the amazing clouds of fluffy bubbles they create. When I saw how cool the divination bubble bar looked I had to snap up two – I didn’t even read what they contained. Again, these are quite floral scented with violet leaf absolute, patchouli oil, rose oil and thyme oil being ingredients. It does also contain perfume and citronellol however, so it is a little bit sweeter than the other florals in this haul. To be quite honest I’m a little disappointed in the smell as I was expecting them to be sweeter (as many of the bubble bars are) but I’m still a big fan of the design and I’m excited to find out what kind of magical bath they will produce.



That’s all for my lush haul today! I’m super excited for the upcoming Valentines range so I’m going to hold off of purchasing Lush goodies until these come out. I really want to try some unicorn horns as I’ve previously missed the opportunity to stock up.

What Lush products are you loving at the moment?

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