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Love them or hate them, there’s no arguing that adult colouring books have become a ‘thing’ in a big way.

Centred around the ideas of mindfulness, a technique taught in cognitive behavioural therapy, adult colouring books are a fun throw back designed to help adults curb stress. The idea behind it is to become fully immersed in the task at hand (colouring) and to focus your senses and become present in the moment; something which is increasingly difficult for this stressed out generation to achieve.

Anyway, we’ve all seen them in book shops and supermarkets and there are now so many different types for sale it would seem there’s one to suit every interest. But have you heard of adult sticker books?

I hadn’t until my lovely boyfriend bought two home for me to try.



So what is an adult sticker book?

Well, the clue is in the name really. An adult sticker book is a book filled with images and stickers to decorate said images with. The idea behind them is the same as with the colouring books however instead of spending hours colouring inside the lines, with these books you simply place stickers where you like.

At first it sounds kinda childish, but so did the colouring books and look how popular they turned out to be! There definitely is a touch of nostalgia to these and, whilst trying mine out I was brought back to the past where I relived memories of happily filling books up with colourful stickers.

The Stickertopia books I received were The Forest and The Flower Garden. Each book is filled with beautiful pages of artwork depicting woodland and garden scenes. Each page has a corresponding sticker sheet (to be found at the back of the book.) There are some helpful suggestions as to where you could place your stickers, but really it’s entirely up to place them where you like and to create a lovely final image.



Towards the back of the book are short paragraphs talking about the illustrations and the artists behind them, to give you a little background. I thought this was a nice touch particularly as the images in the book are really special.



For me personally I did find the process of selecting and sticking to be really relaxing and with the colouring books I can be prone to stressing out when I colour outside of a line. I decided to have a go at the sticker books when I was feeling particularly stressed out and it did seem to help me chill out a little. The best thing about stickering is that you don’t need any set skills to do it – just a little time set aside. I took about half an hour on one page but could easily have taken more or less time to complete.

I recommend taking time out in the evening to have a go at this. Make yourself a warm mug of strong tea, grab a soft blanket to wrap around your shoulders and light some scented candles to really help the relaxation along.

If you fancy having a go, you can purchase them here!

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