I was super-excited to be invited to a Blogger event at Lush Lakeside this morning; even more so as I knew we’d be taking a look at the new Mother’s Day collection for 2017!

My first blogger event, I felt kinda nervous and also a bit unsure as to what to expect. Fortunately I was immediately put at ease by Marco and Jess who were going to be showing us around and the other bloggers were really friendly. We were handed some delicious non-alcoholic wine as Jess and Marco talked through the new lip scrub for this collection; a sweet scented number aptly named ‘honey’.


Everyone was pleased to see the return of ‘Yummy Mummy’ shower cream and we all took it in turns to lather our hands up with it enjoying a bit of impromptu pampering.



Next we had a demo of ‘Pink Custard’, a super-fun and wobbly shower jelly scented like pudding. Despite being a massive Lush fan I had never tried shower jellies before, instead sticking to my beloved shower creams, bath bombs and bubble bars. After trying it however I would definitely purchase – not only was it strangely satisfying to watch it wobble in your hand but it also produced a good lather and a little of it goes a long way making it excellent value for money.


‘Elsie The Giraffe You’re Having a Bath’ bubble bar was a firm favourite among the bloggers. The adorable design and scent (it smells like sherbet lemons!) put it firmly on my list of favourites for this collection.  I also absolutely loved ‘Mum’ bath bomb which smells of Fizzer sweets and reveals a secret hidden message when fully dissolved. This comes in two different colourways.





We were treated to a lovely arm massage using the ‘Scrubee Butter Bar’ which is shaped like a bee (yay for bees!) This butter bar is super moisturising and also features an exfoliating element to it meaning it will leave you with the softest of skin. This smells beautiful with honey and cocoa butter being the main ingredients.



We ooh’ed and ahh’ed at a demo of ‘Ups-A-Daisy’ a fun flower shaped bath bomb that looks nothing short of spectacular in the tub.




After awhile it became quite difficult to smell anything what with the strong scents overpowering our nostrils. Jess taught us that if you stop and smell the coffee (beans), literally, it helps to clear your sinuses and you can start smelling again! Handy to know.


Nostrils back in the swing of things, ‘Your Mother Should Know’ bubble bar was demoed for us. This was a really fun, bright bubble bar but probably my least favourite of the scents. I think that’s just me though as everyone else seemed to like it a lot!




Finally I was excited to get up close to the adorable ‘Baa Bar Bubble Bar’. Bubble bars are my favourite thing to purchase from Lush and this one looks particularly cute. Scented of rose, lavender and ylang ylang this bubble bar smells as good as it looks and would be wonderful for evening baths when you want to wind down ready for bed.



Overall I had a really fun morning at Lush Lakeside. I met some lovely Essex bloggers and most importantly, got a chance to view and shop the new range! Thank you Lush Lakeside for having me, and a big thank you to the other bloggers – it was so nice to meet you all.

What are you loving from this collection?


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