We are all guilty of it to some extent; curating our own lives and serving up only the very best bits to our friends and family. I guess it makes sense; who really wants to open up Instagram and browse hundreds of pictures of the daily commute, that shameful microwaveable meal you bought last Monday when you were too bloody tired to cook something wholesome or that crying in the shower selfie.

Most of us offer up the highlights of our week; our new haircut, that holiday we’ve waited all year for. And most people who scroll through their daily feed are aware of this fact and so, take it with a pinch of salt (ethically mined rock salt from the deposits of Even My Condiments Are Fancier Than Yours.)
As it turns out, you don’t need wads of cash, fancy holidays or endless adventures to make yourself look vaguely interesting on the internet. You just need a bit of imagination.

So are our ‘best bits’ really our best bits? Or are we all just lying on the internet? And if we’re not lying on the internet, how can we lie on the internet?

For the sake of this post I decided to have an inspirational day out in the woods and take some Insta-worthy Springtime snaps and post them alongside some motivational quotes to show you just how easy it is to be a narcissistic liar on the internet, and make your friends jealous in the process.

Early morning stroll in the woods and we stumbled across this foxes den #nature
The magic of nature is all around; you just have to stop to notice it
Spring is on its way in. #AndBreathe
Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers
Blossoms in bloom
The woods are alive with birds, butterflies and bees
The woodland is littered with beautiful wildflowers at this time of year #takeawalkonthewildside

As you may have guessed from the premise of this post, I wasn’t actually in a beautiful woodland at all. I deliberately picked ugly places to visit. The shots of flowers, fungi and nature were all actually shot in a dilapidated industrial estate, a housing estate next to the train station and by the side of a motorway in front of some storage units (and yes, I’m sure people thought I was a right weirdo wandering around these sites with a DSLR camera.) Flowers can grow in the ugliest of places, and there’s always birds flying around so it’s not difficult to get shots that look nice in places that aren’t exactly Insta-worthy. The “foxes den” bit was quite funny though, as to my mind that really did look like a piece of woodland. It isn’t though, it’s actually a verge of greenery along the side of a road and opposite a huge factory in a really run down industrial estate. Ha!

That aside, the images look great, right?! Just goes to show what angles and a bit of imagination can achieve. So there you have it; everyday can be a fantastic day on social media if you’re willing to compromise the truth just a little bit!








Disclaimer; I do not use this type of trickery in my posts! This was done for the sake of the post but I adopt a what you see is what you get policy with my blog.

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  1. I absolutely love this concept​.
    It brings home the fact that perhaps some people aren’t having as much fun as is perceived, and that we all have mundane, as well as good times.
    Ultimately I hope that the message this brilliant idea conveys is that we are not missing out on amazing times, and in fact we are all the same.

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