When I first spotted mother Earth in the Lush Kitchen I thought to myself: “Why on Earth is this bath bomb so expensive?!” Priced at £7.95 I couldn’t work out what was so special about it if I am being honest. It looks nice sure; with its’ blue and green swirls it looks just like a mini Earth. But I didn’t think it warranted the price tag. That was until I did some serious Googling.

I soon discovered that this ‘mini Earth’ wasn’t actually so mini after all. It was in fact a huge oversized bath bomb! Suddenly the price tag seemed more than worth it, and I decided to pop in to the Lush Oxford Street store where it’s currently being sold as an exclusive.

Mother Earth is described on the website as: “We are the world, we are the children, we are the ones who make a brighter day – with uplifting zesty baths packed full of uplifting tangerine and invigorating peppermint oils.
Let this lustre filled wonder create a universe of utter serenity in the tub to refresh your senses, and make your world feel a little brighter. ”


When I saw the pile of Mother Earth bombs in the Oxford street store I literally squealed in delight. Not many people know this about me but I love oversized novelty things. Some people collect miniatures, I love things that are unexpectedly giant! So this bath bomb was really exciting for me. I hadn’t thought much about what it would smell like, but had read online that it contains cypress oil, tangerine oil, peppermint oil and Siberian pine nut oil.

To me the overwhelming scent is the peppermint. Mother Earth smells like one of those old school minty gobstopper sweets; it’s absolutely delicious! Mint isn’t usually a preferred scent for me however this has a sweet edge to it that really softens up the smell and rounds it up well. The scent is unlike anything that I have ever personally tried from Lush.

Naturally I had to get more than one; luckily for me my boyfriend purchased one of them for me which brought the cost down. I got two because I knew that I would want to use one up in one go to see the full effect but I also wanted to smash one up (the sacrilege!) and get multiple baths out of the pieces. I imagine it would make three decent baths, but I guess I will see when the time comes to divide it up!




Size comparison next to Shoot For The Stars
Size comparison to my hand. As you can see; it’s huge!

Let me start off by saying; Mother Earth is a slow fizzer. The whole event took a little over 15 minutes for me! (Good job I run my baths extra hot as it cooled a considerable amount in that time.)

Entering the water Mother Earth foams up and creates some really nice blue/green froth and patterns. Nothing too spectacular, but nice. Then the show begins. As Mother Earth spins, rolls and fizzes in the tub it begins to let out streaks of vivid pink that create probably the most amazing bath art I have ever witnessed. It truly is something remarkable. I would say in terms of appearance this bath bomb is worth a well-deserved 10/10 and if you have the chance to put a whole one in the tub; do it!









The scent becomes less intense when in the water and instead adopts a very subtle mint smell. I am a big fan of strong scents that stick to your skin hours after you’ve exited the tub so for me personally this was a tad disappointing. It also didn’t leave my bathroom as heavily scented as a usual bomb would, which I thought was strange because it’s absolutely massive. Of course all bombs are unique so it’s possible that mine was just a little less scented than some others. If I find that my next Mother Earth has a stronger scent in the water I will attach an edit to the end of this post.

Once the bomb had completely fizzed out I was left with the most gorgeous deep purple water with flecks of iridescent glitter. The water was incredibly soft and I’m pleased to say, after a 40 minute soak; super moisturising.


Overall I love this bath bomb. Mother Earth is just about the most beautiful bath bomb there is and leaves you with such beautiful water to soak in. The scent does bring this down for me a little but I think it would work well as part of a cocktail. I think it would be amazing when used with the Comforter bubble bar. The blackberry scent of the Comforter is really strong and I think it would work well with the subtle mint, adding a sweet edge to it. It also won’t ruin the colour of the gorgeous water because it’s a pinky/purple colour.

Do I recommend this bath bomb? Yes I do!

Finally, here’s a little video I took of the bomb in action!

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