I have been eagerly anticipating the Lush Easter range for many months now. Even before I became a self-confessed ‘Lushie’ I had always popped in to Lush at Easter to pick up some beloved Golden Eggs. So when Lush Lakeside sent me an email inviting me to a blogger event I jumped at the chance to get down there and see what was in store!

Now, I already had a good idea about what I would be seeing visually as I put an order in online the minute I possibly could. Lush has quite a few online exclusives so, whilst the wait and the additional postage charges are a bit of a pain I knew it would make more sense to put my order through that way and get the exclusive I wanted. I hadn’t smelled everything or seen everything up close though. One thing that I did notice was the absence of the ever-popular Fluffy Egg. I really thought it would be coming back and pleasing all the Snow Fairy fans once more but alas, it wasn’t to be. (Kitchen maybe?)

I will be posting a separate blog (coming soon!) of some footage I took of these products and my own Easter haul.

Anyway, I arrived at the store and was greeted by Josh who was very welcoming and a glass of non-alcoholic fizz.

Josh very kindly talked me through all the products for Easter 2017 and demoed each one for me. His passion for the range was catching and I was super excited to see how everything worked and what it smelt like. I was pleasantly surprised by the scents in this range. Usually there are one or two bits that I’m not so keen on but this year I love absolutely everything (which is a bit of a double-edged sword, if I’m being honest!)

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt £3.95

The first thing we looked at is one of my all-time favourite products from Lush. I just love the Golden Egg! Packed with fair trade Colombian cocoa butter, fair trade olive oil and almond oil this is one super-moisturising egg. Sweet wild orange oil and bergamot oil help round up its’ scent making it smell seriously drool-inducing. The website describes it as a toffee scent and I think this is quite accurate. To me it smells very similar to Shoot For The Stars which incidentally is another favourite of mine. The combination of bath bomb and melt is pretty unique too and, although this doesn’t create one of the more stunning shows in the tub it does leave your water soft and swirling with flecks of glitter. What’s not to love, really?





Chick n Mix Bath Bomb £6.95

New to 2017, this little guy is a heart-breaker. I mean; just look at it! I ordered one of these online and didn’t realise quite how huge a bath bomb it is. And with three separate elements it’s great value for money. Josh recommended using each part separately (and maybe throwing the orange centre in with the blue) as this way you have two/three really nice baths and the water retains a nice colour. (The blue and yellow together create a less than lovely murky green.) Chick n Mix has vegan dark chocolate eyes and contains bergamot oil, tonka absolute and tangerine lustre. It smells really amazing! This is definitely one of my favourites from the range.






Which Came First? Spots/Stripes £6.95

Which came first is another generously sized bath bomb that can be stretched over a couple of baths. It comes in two different designs, spot or stripes and contains a little bath bomb chick inside! This is a really fun element and I love how this years range really thinks outside the box in terms of design, bringing us such fun bath time treats! This bomb smells super sweet and contains vanilla absolute, Sicilian lemon and grapefruit oils. In my opinion the scent is really reminiscent to ‘Prince Charming’ shower cream, but a little more vanilla-ry.




Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar £6.50

As I mention in every Lush haul or review post I’ve ever written, I really like bubble bars. I was hoping that Lush would bring out a couple, but was not disappointed to see the Bunch of Carrots as I had missed out on these during previous years but was keen to try. The design is absolutely adorable and I love the bright colours. This is another great value for money product too as the bubble bars are reusable and can be spread across several baths. These contain Sicilian lemon oil, bergamot oil and buchu oil. They smell beautiful; really fruity and fresh. I can’t wait to try them out!


Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel £5.95/100g

I read online that this shower gel contains fresh carrot infusion, neroli oil, rose oil, jasmine and sunflower oil. And to be honest, I really did not know what to expect in terms of scent. Bizarrely this smells like chocolate orange to me – it smells so much nicer than I could have guessed! Josh let me try this out and I lathered it up in my hands. Apparently it is a tiny bit staining if you keep it on for too long but obviously that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re using it correctly! It left my hands feeling soft and nourished. I have been so impressed with the Lush shower gels lately and, maybe this is controversial but I favour them over the shower creams.



Chocolate Easter Egg Soap £3.50/100g

Next we looked at the Chocolate Easter Egg soap. This is one of the products that I hadn’t purchased online but totally changed my mind about when I saw it in person. I do really like the Lush soaps but I don’t tend to buy them that frequently as I do find them a little difficult to store. The design of the Easter Egg soap is really fun and bright, and it smells just like chocolate (but sweeter, if it’s possible.) It contains vegan white chocolate, vanilla absolute, extra virgin coconut oil and grapefruit oil. The longer you sniff this soap the more you can identify all the ingredients within it. Initially it’s quite a simple chocolate smell but it seems to become more complex with use. It lathers up really well which is a major plus as some of the other soaps I’ve tried have always lacked a little in this department. After lathering my hands with it they smelt edible, and for that reason alone I grabbed a chunk of it right after the demoes ended!




Flopsy Face Wash Jelly £7.95/200g

Shaped like an adorable bunny, this face wash jelly is a really fun and unique offering from Lush, reminiscent of the Christmas jelly Santa’s Beard. To use it you can rub it between your hands to create a lather, or pick bits off to use in the shower. Personally the latter would make me feel far too guilty! Who wants to deface a bunny after all? This contains fresh carrot infusion, zesty lemon and bergamot oils.


Carrot Gift Set £17.95

Next we took a look at the gift sets. I am so impressed by all of the sets this year. I think this is the first year I’ve actually been tempted to buy some for myself.

The first we looked at was carrot which is wrapped in a cardboard carrot and contains a Chick n Mix, one Carrot bubble bar (not a whole bunch) and the all important Golden Egg.


Bundle of Fun Gift Set £19.95

Bundle of Fun Gift Set was the real dark horse for me. I’d seen it online but didn’t give it too much thought as although fun is, well…fun, it’s not my favourite product. It can be a bit tricky to use I find and a lot of it seems to end up globbed to the side of my tub! So I really didn’t expect to be seriously lusting after this set. Josh very kindly unfolded it for me so I could actually see the knot wrap and wow! It is just so adorable. I love the chick, bunny and daffodil design and the vibrant colours. I think it is very Easter-y but could also be worn in the hair throughout the summer months. It contains five 100g bars of fun in the colours orange, yellow, pink, purple and green. These are smaller than the usual Fun bar but I actually think this is a very generous size. When I left the shop I immediately regretted not picking one up. But I think on payday I will pop in to the store and try to snag one as I am in love!






Golden Egg Gift Set £28.95

Another amazing gift set, the golden egg looks beautiful! I would love to display this egg in my bird room as I think it’s super fun! The set contains a Chick n Mix bath bomb, Which Came First bath bomb, Golden Egg and Chocolate Easter Egg Soap. I think this is fantastic value for money and if someone gifted me this I would be over the moon.




Finally, Josh took me through Lush’s latest bath bomb Buy One Set One Free £3.95. This is not part of the Easter range but instead a bomb released to raise awareness and funds for Andy Tsege.  This is a super important cause but I don’t think I can do it justice so I really recommend you read about Tsege’s plight here.

This bath bomb smells wonderful and contains fire tree oil, neroli oil, lemongrass oil and jasmine absolute. I really recommend purchasing this one because in addition to soaking it up in lovely scented waters you’ll be doing a good deed.



So that’s everything from the Easter collection this year. Sorry that this post is absolute huge in terms of text and photos. If you’ve managed to get through it all; congratulations!

What are you loving from this range?






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