I’m back with another Lush Kitchen UK haul for you today! I haven’t been buying that much (as I’m secretly hoping they will bring out some perfumes in the not too distant future!) But here’s a rundown of all the bath-time treats I picked up in the months of May/June…

Sleepy body lotion

If you read my post Top Ten Favourite Lush Products then you’ll know I love Sleepy body lotion. When it popped up in the kitchen last month I was so surprised and thrilled that I grabbed two pots without much thought on the expense. Later I would find out that Sleepy is actually (finally) being introduced in to the mainline. I wasn’t even mad at my unnecessary splurge because honestly, you can never have enough Sleepy and it’s just such great news that it will sticking around! For those who have yet to try it; I urge you to go out and buy a pot! It is so beautiful. The consistency is quite thick so it does take a little while to soak in to the skin but once it has it leaves it feeling gorgeously soft. The smell is beautiful also. It’s a very sweet lavender completely unlike the ‘granny synthetic’ lavender scent you’ll find in most cosmetic products. Plus it’s amazing at calming your nerves and sending you to the Land of Nod.


Calavera bath bomb

Fans of the Lush Kitchen will remember the mixture of fear and excitement that surrounded the Vote For week. For those who don’t know, Lush picked a few popular products and got fans to vote for their favourite scents to be turned in to brand new products (lotions and perfumes.) Smelling of scrumptious lime pastilles/sweets, Calacas is a scent that was obviously going to come out on top. Unfortunately they could not make a perfume from this scent (sad face) but they did whack a Calavera bath bomb in to the mix to make up for it. I have yet to try my Calavera in the bath (and I’m a little afraid to as I only managed to snag the one) but it smells heavenly. So fresh, fruity and yum! The design is pretty cute too.


Calacas shower gel

The Calacas shower gel was surrounded by a lot of hype. It’s definitely one of those products that hardcore fans love and can’t get enough of. Funnily enough, I hadn’t tried it before. However, based on the description I thought it sounded lovely so I managed (just about) to pick up a bottle. I so wish I had been able to grab more as it is beautiful. The scent is strong, it lathers up so well and it leaves you feeling really clean and energised; it’s a great all rounder! If Calacas shower gel shows up in the kitchen again I will definitely be grabbing another bottle or two.


Calacas body lotion

The Calacas body lotion shares its’ scent with the shower gel and Calavera bath bomb and I grabbed it as I thought it would be good to have the whole family (completely disregarding the fact I’d already purchased two huge pots of body lotion!) At first try I wasn’t 100% sold as I felt it was a bit more chemical-smelling than its’ counterparts. However, as the lotion settled in to my skin the scent became sweeter and sweeter until eventually my skin smelt positively edible! I absolutely love this lotion. The consistency is really nice too and it’s great for slapping on when it’s warm outside.


So that’s what I’ve been buying in the Kitchen! I’m really hoping that we will see some Honey I Washed The Kids perfume next (even if it would completely break my bank!) So fingers crossed for that one!

If you fancy having a nose in the Lush Kitchen, make sure to check out their Instagram at @lushkitchen where they release a menu for the week ahead every Friday afternoon! If you spy something you might like, pay a visit to the site here on your chosen day. Remember, the Lush Kitchen opens daily at 8am (GMT) and is very popular. Products have been known to sell out in a matter of minutes!

What have you been buying in the Kitchen lately?


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  1. I’ve fallen in love with Sleepy! I got given a generous sample and it’s now my fav! Can’t wait to include it in my next order! Love your blog btw! 🙂

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