June has been a rather sad month for me and, if I’m being honest I haven’t felt particularly thankful for it. I did think about skipping the monthly favourites however I guess sometimes it’s good to reflect on the little things you have enjoyed. So here is everything I’ve been loving in the month of June.

Rhubarb and Custard Shower and Bath Soak RRP £1.47 from Superdrug

My favourite retro sweet has been reincarnated in the form of a shower and bath soak; and what could be better?! Smelling just like crushed up rhubarb and custard sweeties, this bath soak lathers up lovely and produces a heavily scented and nicely bubbled bath.



Raspberry and Vanilla Shower and Bath Soak RRP £1.47 from Superdrug

I’m not easily swayed in to making bathtime purchases that aren’t Lush related but Superdrug really has got it going on at the moment. Cruelty free and in a range of mouth-watering scents, the Shower and Bath Soak range is a must buy. The raspberry and vanilla smells completely dreamy.



Watching Edie Book by Camilla Way RRP £7.99 from Waterstones

I didn’t have much time for reading throughout the month of June however I did get through Watching Edie which is a thriller book my mum picked up for the both of us. The story tells the tale of Edie who estranged from her family, living alone and about to become a first time mother, and Heather her old (and slightly strange) school friend. The book skips backwards and forwards between Edie’s present day reality and Heather’s troubled past. I found this style of writing to make for a very interesting read and was engrossed in both the present day and past stories. Full of twists and turns, Watching Edie is a story about friendship, loyalty, distrust and running from mistakes. It did not go in the direction I had anticipated it to at all. The only thing I will say is that I would have liked a more rounded / definitive ending. That said it didn’t detract from the book and I would definitely recommend it to fans of thriller.



Large Yellow Retro Basket Bag RRP £10 from Sunjellies

I adore all things retro. When the jelly shoes made a comeback a couple years ago I was so excited and bought just about every colour under the sun. I later discovered the Sunjellies website which sells the original shoes (that were made in France) as well as a bunch of other cute goodies such as the super inspired basket bags! I have been lusting after the bags for such a long time but did wonder how I might use/style one. Eventually I took the plunge and purchased a large bag in yellow. And honestly I’ve already had so much use out of it! Weirdly it seems to go with all of my outfits and I’ve had so many compliments on it. It’s just a really fun accessory that completes an outfit perfectly. I will normally use mine with a tote bag, placing valuables such as purse, phone etc inside the tote and then the tote inside the bag.  That way my goodies aren’t on display but I still get to carry them around inside a fabulous bag.




JL110 Sewing Machine £65 (Clearance Sale) from John Lewis

If you read my post about new years resolutions you’ll know that one of the things I really wanted to do/achieve this year was to learn how to sew. When I saw this fantastic pink sewing machine on sale at John Lewis (£65 down from £99) it was like a sign! My lovely thoughtful fiance ended up being the person to purchase this (thank you!) and I couldn’t be more happy with it. Admittedly I haven’t spent much time playing around on it yet, although I have bought a pattern and some fabric and once my time frees up a little more I will definitely give dressmaking a go!



Vintage Books £7

On a recent trip to Tunbridge Wells we came across a wonderful vintage/secondhand book shop. As a collector of bird books/field guides I was particularly excited by this shop and the prospect of snagging something new (to me.) I picked up a fabulous book on common British birds and one on mushrooms/fungi. If you haven’t read my post The Lost Art Of Writing In Books I urge you to take a look as one of these books features and it has quite a lovely little message hidden inside!




So that’s everything for June. What have you been loving this month?

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