Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I have not been gifted or paid to write it. I just wanted to share some cool artists and spread the (enamel pin) love!

When I started my Etsy shop Pretty Little Finch, I knew I wanted to create my own enamel pin. My personal collection is rather impressive; I just love the way a few well chosen pins can add a playful twist to any outfit. When I listed the Pastel Blue Tit in my shop I was excited to sell it, but didn’t think for one moment about the potential of swapping with other artists.

So when I was first approached by a fellow Etsy seller I was A. extremely flattered and B. really excited! The idea behind an art or a pin swap is simply to trade one of your designs with the design of another maker. It’s a great way to build up your personal collection plus promote and receive promotion from other indie artists. Sounds great right? That’s because it is!

Today I thought I’d share some of the wonderful pin swaps I’ve made and give a shout out to all the really cool indie artists who I’ve traded with!



Fairy Tale Collars Instagram @fairytalecollars

Fairy Tale Collars is a wonderful and whimsical shop selling quirky handmade felt collars that will add a fun finish to any ensemble. One look through their Insta and you’ll be seriously lusting after a few of their designs (my favourite is the cute strawberry collar which seems very apt for this time of year!) But FTC doesn’t just sell collars (obviously!) they sell pins too! I absolutely adore the swan planter pin which is super-cute and retro.



The Clever Clove Instagram @thecleverclove

If you’re looking for cute enamel pins, The Clever Clove is your one stop shop. A glance at their Instagram will have you positively swooning – it’s a pastel lovers dream! And not only is their Insta super-satisfying to look at (I really should take note!) there’s a wide range of pins to choose from including Henrietta the Hedgehog. As a hedgehog mama I just had to have Henrietta. Look at her little face. And her little scarf. Just look at her will you?!



Holly Coral Instagram @hollycoral.designs

I’m really feline the love for this cute cat pin from Holly Coral! With lots of really fun, bright and playful pins and patches, Holly Coral’s Etsy shop is literally a treasure trove of goodies. And guess what? Once you open that trove you’re going to want all the things. From dinosaurs to ponies to our little feline friend, there really is something for everyone.



Natelle Draws Stuff Instagram @natelledrawsstuff

I have been following Natelle Draws Stuff for a long time. Not just on my business ‘gram but over on my personal account too. And for as long as I’ve been following I’ve been admiring all the amazing pins they bring out! Natelle Draws Stuff doesn’t just sell pins though, the shop is well-stocked with a range of goodies including patches, prints, jewellery and vinyl stickers. I have always loved their cute little cats and amazing bird pins, but when I saw the five horned rhinoceros beetle that it was it; I was totally sold. This pin is so beautiful and so much attention to detail has gone in to it. I adore the glittery wings and floral shell.



Gilded Creatures Instagram @gildedcreaturesart

Stepping in to the Insta-world of Gilded Creatures is an experience of other-worldly proportions. GC creates fantastically weird and wonderful art doll creatures, matchboxes and pins that you’ll want to home! I love the Cat Vase pin because it’s just so unique and so different to many of the other pins out there on the market right now; plus that gold finish is a little bit dreamy!



Dot Dot D Instagram @dot.dot.d

One scroll through the Dot Dot D Insta feed is sure to bring a smile to your face. With a plethora of cute and vibrant designs, most of the Dot Dot D pins wear a signature happy smile as if they’re overjoyed to see you! I love everything, but this sparkly pumpkin guy really stood out to me. I love the glitter, I love the cute little face – I love pumpkins! I know I’ll be wearing this guy all through the autumn and especially when I head out to do some pumpkin picking!


Know any cool artists I should check out? Leave the love below!

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  1. You have such an amazing pin collection that even I hadn’t actually seen some of these!! It’s such a great idea and I know how happy you are to be able to swap your creations with others.

  2. What a clever idea it is to swap the pins. Everyone gets to have something new, they are also able to distribute their pins further afield for others to admire.
    This idea can also translate to other products. Love it.

  3. I am definitely going to have to check this out as I recently have had a little obsession over pins! I want to start putting them on my dungarees! thanks for sharing

    Sophia xo // sophiaaaxo.com

  4. I don’t know if you would have seen them, but Heikala, Koyamori, Kawaii Doodles Club, DAPshow, and Lovesoup have some really good pins! 😀 (Also The Clever Clove IS amazing, I love her pins so much – have you seen the new literary places line she’s doing? And I’m assuming that since you’ve seen Natelledrawsstuff you’ve also seen Oh Plesiosuar. :P)

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