There’s always something a little magical about stepping in to your local Lush, isn’t there? It’s a combination of things I think. The slightly dark, moody spot-lighting, the incredible displays of potion-like skin treatments and wooden boxes stuffed with vivid bath bombs and bubble bars. And then there’s the smell. If you’re a Lush fan you’ll know what I mean. The hypnotic scent snakes its’ way down the street, luring you in from afar…

What could be more magical than that? Well, a Lush with exciting new goodies to discover, of course! So when Lush Lakeside asked me to pop down and have a look at some of the wonderful new products (and some underrated products too) I could hardly contain my excitement.

Entering the store I was greeted by the lovely Melissa who was very warm and welcoming. She explained she would be talking me through some of the new products and a few of the underrated products also. Let’s have a look at what she talked me through…

New products for Lush Lakeside

Jelly Masks, 1000 Millihelens, The Birth of Venus, Bunny Moon £6.95


I won’t lie. Prior to my visit to Lush Lakeside I had scoured the internet reading up as much as possible on the new Lush goodies. One product that particularly piqued my interest was the jelly mask. Lush are incredibly innovative with their products, always pushing the boundaries to create exciting cosmetics that you’ll want to use. Sometimes this works, sometimes not so much. So I was a little sceptical at first because, a jelly mask-who ever heard of that?! Mellisa sat me down and explained that these unusual masks can be used dry, without water. To use them you simply tear off a bit of jelly and work it in to your skin. Amazingly the consistency completely changes, and it sinks in to your skin nicely. These masks contain carrageenan extract.

Personally I have very oily skin, so Melissa recommended 1000 Millihelens. I was quite glad that this one was best suited to my skin because in my opinion it smelt the nicest, with a lovely fruity apple tone complementing the tea tree. To give me a little taster of how the jelly mask works, she rubbed some in to my hand (I had a full face of makeup on that definitely wasn’t coming off!) I did feel a little bit like the Hulk sitting there with my green hand however, once wiped clean the skin was noticeably brighter. I will definitely be purchasing some of the jelly masks!




Rump Bottom Rub £14.95 for 225g

Another unusual product I’d read about online was Rump Bottom Rub. A bright orange cream with the slogan “make your derrière great again”, you might be forgiven for thinking this cream is having a bit of a dig at Trump. A quick peruse of the ‘How to use’ at the reverse of the pot will confirm this; I must admit, I did have a giggle at some of the puns! The idea of this rub is to reduce chafing. Not only is this a fantastic product for keen sportsmen and women or those who enjoy exercise, but it’s also great for the thick thighed variety of women, myself included. It contains aloe vera gel, avocado butter and a whole host of goodies to keep your skin hydrated.




Hot Oil Hair Treatments, Marilyn, New, Yuge, Hair Doctor £6.50

Haircare isn’t something I usually look at when in Lush as I’m usually far too distracted by the sweet smells and glitter of the bath bombs. However, recently I’ve started to take better care of my hair and understand the importance of a good treatment from time to time. I was very interested when Mellisa raided the shelves for the lovely new hot oil hair treatments. Lush Lakeside has four new hair treatments; Marilyn which is primarily for blonde hair (but can be used on any colour) New which hydrates and builds strength, Yuge which gives volume to your hair and Hair Doctor which I have been advised is fantastic if your hair is damaged and in a bit of a state (which mine is!)

Melissa explained to me how simple and easy to use these oils are. You add boiling water to them (in a cup or a bowl) and stir until the oil has completely melted, then you apply to the hair. You may not want to use a whole treatment in one go (and actually, I was advised that you probably shouldn’t) but that’s okay because you can store the left over oil for up to four weeks. I thought that was pretty amazing actually – it really does cut down on waste. Personally I thought that ‘New’ smelt incredible with cinnamon and clove being the predominant scent – so now I’m completely torn as to which one to buy for myself!





Rose Jam and Twilight Body Spray £20-£25 

Earlier this year Lush released a new range of fantastic smelling body sprays. And, whilst the Rose Jam and Twilight sprays aren’t new to Lush, they are new to Lush Lakeside because the initial release saw them as Kitchen and Oxford Circus exclusives. Luckily for me I work in London just a short tube ride away from the big Oxford Circus store so, when they were first released I popped in and grabbed a Rose Jam. However, for those who can’t easily access London, Lakeside stocking these sprays is literally a godsend. Rose Jam and Twilight scents are hugely popular among Lushies so I have no doubt these will sell really well.


Next Melissa took me through the items that I was most excited to see; the new bath bombs! The aesthetically pleasing display of bath bombs was certainly popular with shoppers as they milled around picking everything up for a sniff.



Rocket Science Bath Bomb £2.95 

In terms of design, Rocket Science wins hands down for me; it’s the nicest looking of all the new bath bombs and at a meagre £2.95 it’s a total bargain. Shaped like a sparkly rocket with a tale of fire, this bomb contains bergamot and Lemon. Melissa kindly gave me a demonstration of this bomb and it did not disappoint. Zooming around the bowl it left a trail of glittering pink. Once it had completely dissolved the water was a beautiful deep blue with iridescent sparkles throughout.



Rocket Science looks like a bowl full of midnight sky

Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb £2.95

Cheer Up Buttercup is a little smaller than the average bath bomb but at just £2.95 it’s another new product that’s great value for money. Containing lemon myrtle, zesty lime and uplifting neroli, Cheer Up is a wonderful fresh and fruity smelling product and the design is just adorable.



Dark Arts Jelly Bomb £4.95

For the past few days they’ve been all over social media. Despite all the attention they were receiving, I still found myself wondering what exactly is a jelly bomb? It wasn’t until Melissa explained that I fully understood the concept. And what an exciting (albeit strange) concept it is! A jelly bomb is filled with…well, jelly. And once it has dissolved it leaves great globules of jelly on the surface of the water. After about 15 minutes or so this dissolves and just leaves you with nice thick water. I can only imagine how appealing this would be for a child so, if you have one that doesn’t like to take baths – I strongly recommend purchasing this product!

Dark Arts is my favourite of the three jelly bomb designs. Firstly it’s a nod to Harry Potter and who doesn’t love Harry Potter? Secondly it leaves your bath water black and mysterious and finally it smells amazing. Absolutely incredible. To me the scent is quite festive with cinnamon leaf oil being heavily present.



The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb £4.95

The Big Sleep has been designed to help you wind down and contains Lavender, tonka and chamomile. To me it smells quite similar to Twilight or Ickle Baby Bot. The light, powdery smell is not too overpowering and would be wonderful just before bed.



Green Coconut Jelly Bomb £4.94

Designed to create tropical vibes in the tub, Green Coconut contains coconut cream and cinnamon leaf oil. Highly nourishing for your skin, this jelly bomb reminds me of something straight out of Ghostbusters. It’s definitely the green goo it leaves behind that does it!



Lush Lakeside also has a huge range of new and improved gift sets. If I were to write about them I’m sure I’d be here all day so all I will say on that subject is go take a look! And keep an eye out for the new ‘Honey’ box as it contains my favourite little guy, Scrubee.

Underrated products at Lush Lakeside

There’s no doubt in my mind that all of the above products will be very popular with fans of Lush. In particular I think the jelly bombs will draw in a wide and varied crowd. But what about those fantastic products that aren’t getting as much attention? It’s funny because when you think of Lush, you probably think of crazy bath bombs and heavily scented shower gels. But for seasoned Lushies, there’s a lot more to the brand than that.

Melissa kindly took me through some of the slightly neglected products that definitely do deserve a shout out. After having tried a few of these for the first time round I can’t help but agree!

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub £8.95 for 330g

I don’t tend to buy many shower scrubs or exfoliators; not since Scrubee came in to my life. So I admit I was a bit behind on Rub Rub Rub. This bright blue scrub is packed full of mineral rich sea salt and will leave skin feeling beautifully soft. Melissa scrubbed my arm with it and I was pleasantly surprised at just how bright and smooth the skin felt afterwards. The scent is also very mild so it won’t interfere with any scented lotions you might layer on afterwards.





Mouthwash Tabs £5.95 for 45g

I mentioned earlier that most people, when they think of Lush, conjure up the image of fantastic bath bombs and shower gels. Most people don’t associate the cosmetics company with oral care but, funnily enough, Lush has a wide range of products for your teeth. One of their more innovative products is the mouthwash tabs. These come in Creme De Menthe, Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster and Ugai. To use them you simply pop a tab in your mouth (post teeth brushing) take a sip of water and then nibble the tab before finally spitting it all out. The great thing about these is that you can pop them in your handbag and use them on the go so bad breath can totally become a thing of the past.



Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar £6.50

Personally I’m a huge fan of the Lush massage bars. They are just so moisturising and lovely. Favourites of mine are Soft Coeur, Percup, Pearl and Strawberry Feels Forever. (And the other half likes Each Peach!) But weirdly I’d never paid attention to Wiccy Magic Muscles before. This bar has a very unique design because it is studded with real aduki beans. It contains cinnamon and peppermint oils to aid circulation as well as Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and shea butter to moisturise. The whole idea of this bar to banish aches and pains and, apparently, it’s really good for period pain. I think the scent is quite unusual but I do like it. I will definitely be picking one of these up in the future.



Elbow Grease Moisturising Bar £5.95 for 60g

Deeply moisturising, this little bar is packed full of cupuacu and murumuru butters. The whole idea behind it is to brighten tattoos! This is definitely a unique product on the market and, one swipe across my colourful arm revealed that this product really does work.



Sandstone Soap £4.20 for 120g

When I peruse the soaps I always go for the sweet smelling bars. Honey I Washed The Kids and Sea Salted Caramel are my ultimate favourites. So that said, you can kind of see why I personally glazed over Sandstone soap. Looking like a piece of marble cake, this soap has a lovely light lemon scent. But what’s more is that it actually contains real sand and is designed to work as a scrub as well as a cleanser.



Angels on Bare Skin Face and Body Cleanser £7.25 for 100g

Angels on Bare Skin is a fresh cleanser packed full of natural ingredients. Containing lavender oil, rose absolute, kaolin and almond milk, this super-soothing cleanser is kind to even the most delicate of skin. Melissa couldn’t rave enough about this product and her enthusiasm for it has left me wanting to grab a tub of my own!



So that was everything Melissa talked me through. I had such a fantastic time in store discovering some wonderful new products and some older hidden gems also! Melissa was a great host, demo-ing all the products with enthusiasm, making me feel completely at ease and of course, perhaps most importantly of all, not judging me on my fast food lunch!

The Lush team also gifted me a fantastic bag of goodies and samples which I can’t wait to try out. A cheeky little Scrubee also snuck its way in and this completely made my day as it’s one of my favourites! Thanks so much to Lush Lakeside, I hope to see you all soon!

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  1. I love how you bring the sights and smells alive at lush. Just reading your blog, brings to mind the amazing aroma that can only come from visiting lush.

  2. Rocket science! Wowser! The hair oils sound intriguing- might give the cinnamon one a try- mainly because I love the smell of Christmas ha!

  3. I am now dyyyyying to try the Rump bottom rub, Rocket Science bath bomb and the Twilight body spray! Along with everything you described that smells like Christmas or cinnamon, my absolute favourite smells are Christmassy/musky scents!

    • Thanks for your comment lovely! Yeah me too, the jelly masks look so good! I keep meaning to buy a pot, maybe today 😉 xx

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