Disclaimer: Gemporia kindly gifted me a ring of my choice in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

I consider myself to be a bit of a magpie; shiny things just draw me in. Like most women I know, sparkly rings get me a little hot under the collar and I’m partial to a pretty gemstone…so that’s why I’m really excited to talk to you about my latest obsession and the company behind it; Gemporia.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll probably have heard all about Gemporia. However for those of you who haven’t it’s an online store specialising in (you guessed it) gemstone jewellery. And not just any gemstone jewellery either. A quick peruse through the site here will show you an impressive range of exquisitely cut diamonds to the deepest blue sapphires and stunning garnets -all polished to perfection and set in gold, sterling silver and platinum. Gemporia doesn’t just specialise in gemstone rings but also necklaces, bracelets earrings etc. For the sake of this post though, I will be focusing on their gorgeous rings.

Asides from the phenomenal range of beautiful jewellery to pick from, one thing that I really like about this site is that Gemporia has styles to suit every budget. If you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring you might want to splurge on a gorgeous 9K white gold diamond number and if you’re gifting a present to your bestie on her birthday you might want to opt for a cheaper but still very beautiful Moroccan Amethyst in Sterling Silver.  There really is something for everyone.

Gemporia very kindly allowed me to pick out a ring so I chose the absolutely gorgeous Ciana Hessonite Garnet ring with White Topaz in Sterling Silver. When shopping for a ring I usually consider a few things; colour (will it go with my wardrobe/style) design (I like oval stones and tend to veer away from square cuts) and the type of stone. Personally I am a big fan of garnets, although I had never heard of Hessonite garnets before. A quick google search had me sold; it is said that the Hessonite garnet will bring success, good fortune and longevity- something I could definitely benefit from! However, if you’re not in to the “meanings” behind gemstones, it’s still just a really beautiful piece and very versatile.



Whilst searching for the perfect ring on site I noticed that there’s a fantastic selection for under £50. I thought I’d share five of my favourite rings with you – who knows, one of these might be your next payday treat!

So to start with…

Here’s my ring! Ciana Hessonite Garnet Ring With White Topaz In Sterling Silver 2.53CTS £36 – buy it here!

Yes, believe it or not my beautiful ring retails at an incredible £36. It is so well made and I am so impressed with it. If I didn’t tell you it cost under £50 I doubt you’d ever guess. I will be getting a lot of wear from it.



Zambian Emerald Ring With White Diamond In Sterling Silver 0.58CTS £43 – buy it here!

It’s no secret I love emeralds – my engagement ring features one! This ring is stunning in a pretty teardrop design surrounded by sparking diamonds.

Mystic Pink Topaz Ring With White Topaz In Sterling Silver 4.08CTS £43 – buy it here!

This ring is a nice large size and feels quite substantial for the very small price tag. The unusual colour and circular design give me vintage cocktail ring vibes and I think it would be fantastic for adding a bit of sparkle to outfits on special occasions. Mind you, if I had this ring I’d probably be rocking it everyday.

Ethiopian Opal Ring In Sterling Silver 0.79CTS £27- buy it here!

I love opals and think the understated teardrop design of this ring is really pretty. It’s simple enough for everyday wear but would also look lovely on the days you want to dress up a bit. At just £27 it’s incredible value for money.

Changbai Peridot Ring With White Topaz In Sterling Silver 1.95CTS £48- buy it here!

This ring is a real show-stopper and it’s hard to believe it retails at under £50! The beautiful Peridot is surrounded by sparkling white topaz and it’s sizeable enough to make a statement. Peridot is another favourite of mine, and I’ve been eyeing this one up to such an extent that I’m thinking about purchasing it myself!

Which of these rings do you like most of all?





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  1. Oh my gosh such beautiful gemstones! That opal teardrop one is gorgeous! I think I’m going to have to have a proper browse of this site. I am a fan of gemstones particularly amethyst & ruby (as it’s my birthstone) 💓 xxxx

  2. I just love these rings! How beautiful are they? I love gem stones and these are in real silver too.Im going over to the site right now!

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