If I’m being totally honest I would say that 90% of my life is made up of guilty pleasures. That’s why I could completely relate to Meg’s hilarious post (you can find it here!) and found myself giggling along in agreement. I was super-happy to be tagged by Meg to take part in this Q&A as I love a good over-share. Okay, here we go…

TV Show

I honestly don’t watch much TV at all, probably about 20 minutes a day. But when I do…it’s total trash. I am having a great big love affair with Dinner Date at the moment. I know it’s awful reality TV but whatevs, it’s fun. (And I like to play along, picking out the menus I like best and then feeling aghast at who I might potentially have ended up with…y’know, if I was single. And on Dinner Date.)


I’m not a book snob but at times I can find my enjoyment in Chic Lit to be a tad embarrassing. If we’re going guilty pleasure it definitely has to be the entire Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella.


I will be the first to admit my taste in music is really bad. I just really enjoy 80s pop music and I’m partial to some 70s disco too. So pick anything cringe-worthy from those genres and we’ve got it covered.


15 year old me doesn’t think it’s a guilty pleasure, (and she’s probably infuriated by me saying that it is) but it’s a tad embarrassing to say I still know all the words to every Green Day song up to the American Idiot album. And I will sing them loudly and badly when I’m in the car.


I spend all of my money on bath bombs, weird pieces of acrylic jewellery and small plastic dolls. Enough said.


I spend way too much time on Instagram, just spying on the lives of others. It’s quite sad when I think about it…


I have a habit of getting in to my pjs whenever I’m at home. The minute I get in from work the bra comes off and the oversized, leopard print pjs go on. I actually own more sets of pyjamas than clothes and I know it’s a really bad habit to get in to but god damn I’m all about that cosy life. (Except when my neighbour pops in for a chat, and then I’m definitely not about that cosy life because the cosy life suddenly feels like the slovenly life.)


I actually have a really good taste in film. But this is a guilty pleasures tag so I’m going to put it out there that I’ve seen Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging at least ten times. And I still enjoy it as much as the day I was introduced to it…much to my partners dismay I am sure!

Game on your phone

I don’t actually have any games on my phone, so I’ll have to skip this one!


Much like Meg I’m going to say Buzzfeed is my guilty pleasure. I definitely take too many of the quizzes on there but it’s a life saver on my long commute to work. Plus who doesn’t want to know what 2000s pop princess they are based on a song selection?

Well that was fun! If you’d like to take this Q&A please feel free to do so and drop me a comment so I can go and have a read of it too!


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  1. I am ashamed that your guilty pleasure band is Green Day! They are still absolute rock stars I love them so muuuuch! However I am totally on the same bra-less pyjama wavelength, I don’t wanna be dressed unless it’s totally necessary! Praise it be to the Buzzfeed quizzes ahaha xxx

    • Haha! Yeah it’s the pj life for me! OH tricked me in to doing a Buzzfeed quiz the other day that told me how basic I was depending on my Starbucks order. Mean but funny 😂 xx

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