As the leaves slowly begin to turn and fall, the trees become laden with heavy conkers and the nights draw in darker and colder, I couldn’t help but find myself excitedly reflecting on my favourite season. Autumn is upon us. Okay, so it’s not official until the 22nd of September, but we’re practically there and I intend to enjoy every minute of it.

Here’s just a few reasons to love this season.



Hot drinks

There’s nothing quite like clutching on to a hot drink during the morning commute on a crisp Autumn morning. During the warmer months I persist with tea and coffee but it’s not the same. Hot drinks are incredibly comforting and I really enjoy all the seasonal treats that the coffee shops bring out around this time of year. My all time favourite Autumnal drink is a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks; I will be living on these when the weather gets colder.




I love spending time outside and nothing is more visually appealing to me than trees with golden, burgundy and rust coloured leaves. Perhaps childishly I still enjoy kicking through big piles of leaves as I walk and hearing that satisfying crunch. Also, with the scenery being absolutely beautiful it’s a great time to get outside and practice photography!



Knitted jumpers and cosy scarves

Summer fashion leaves me despairing. I don’t do shorts or sleeveless things so nine times of ten I’m left feeling unhappy with my outfit and uncomfortable in my skin; I guess I just feel a bit on display. Plus the fashions are always terribly boring. Autumn sees the return of big, cosy knitted jumpers in mustard yellow, burgundy and forest green. It is my most favourite time of the year for shopping because everything is comfortable and everything is cute! I also love layering up in a nice snug scarf.

Cosy days indoors

I am the kind of person who finds it hard to relax, so sometimes I need to be forced in to doing so. When it’s pouring with rain outside I don’t much feel like going out, but I do really enjoy getting cosy under a blanket and digging out a good book or a favourite film.  I love to light scented candles and just listen to the rain too; simple pleasures and home comforts really make the season enjoyable.

Collecting conkers

One of the things that excites me most about the Autumn months is collecting up all of the conkers. This one is definitely childish but it reminds me so much of going back to school in September and excitedly filling my pockets up with the shiny treasures. As soon as they start to fall from the trees I head out on walks to collect them up. I like to put them on my fireplace to bring a touch of nature indoors, as it always makes me feel really cosy. For me conkers are the symbol of Autumn and I love them so much that I even have one tattooed on my leg.





I’m the kind of person who loves an excuse to celebrate. Some people are sceptical of occasions such as Valentines  Day or Halloween calling them consumerist but I think it’s fun to have something to celebrate and enjoy amidst all the dreary days in between. Halloween is and always has been one of my favourite ‘holidays’. Each year I plan something fun to do; from a Ghost Bus Tour, to a Frightmove House viewing, there’s always something on the agenda for Halloween. I love dressing up too! Previous years have seen me dress as a bat and a pumpkin – and believe it or not I’ve already planned this years costume and have just started to buy some bits and pieces!

Bonfire Night

Speaking of celebrations, Bonfire Night is one of my favourites of the year. It is so lovely to get all bundled up warm in a cosy coat and scarf and stand in the cold night air watching a fireworks display. There is something so magical about fireworks exploding in the pitch black sky, and I love to warm my hands by the bonfire. Last year we celebrated Bonfire Night at a funfair and we had a wonderful time.

Long walks and nature

Autumn is an exciting time to take a walk in the woods. Asides from crunching through piles of golden leaves (so satisfying!) there is so much to see. During the Autumn months mushrooms and fungi begin to make an appearance, and all sorts of creatures can be seen collecting food and fattening up ahead of the cold Winter months. I love taking a walk and trying to identify everything I spot.





Bubble baths and Lush releases

I am partial to a bubble bath. There’s something so comforting about relaxing in a steaming hot tub of fragranced bubbles. During the Summer months it’s just not the same though and more often than not it feels sweaty and uncomfortable. When it begins to get colder, Lush release all of their amazing Halloween and Christmas ranges and bubble baths become magical once again!

Seasonal treats

Speaking of the Lush Halloween and Christmas ranges, Autumn is an amazing time for seasonal treats! Lots of companies release lines and ranges that reflect the changing season and I love it. The minute the supermarkets start selling toffee apples I’ll be there.

So those are just a few reasons why I love Autumn (I really could go on.) I’m super excited for the season ahead and have lots of amazing Autumn-themed posts lined up. To help you find these I have set up a category (find it in the right hand side bar) called ‘Autumn’ – and this is where I will be popping all of my related posts. Keep your eyes peeled for more!

What’s your favourite part of Autumn? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!









11 Comments on Ten Reasons Why I Love Autumn

  1. Yep all of those things! I spent Halloween in New England last year so I’m a bit worried it won’t be as good this year!

  2. Ooooo this post has given me all the Autumnal feels 🍂🍁 I enjoy all these things myself & am looking forward to my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte of the season! Love you lots my PSL Princess (had to include bestie love sorry not sorry) 💕💕

  3. I love crunching through autumn leaves too. They remind of giant cornflakes!
    I just can’t wait until I put my warm cosy jumpers on again.

    • I have already started wearing mine, but I can’t wait till the shops start updating their collections so I can update my wardrobe! X

  4. Love this post, and I love all the things mentioned. You made me feel all cozy! I personally like sitting on my windowsill and knitting while listening to an audio book, especially at night or when it’s raining. Have a nice autumn!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I also enjoying knitting too, such a cosy pursuit. Hope you have a wonderful Autumn!

  5. I think Autumn is the time when you come alive the most. It’s so lovely to see the excitement on your face as the leaves begin to turn, the conkers begin to fall and most importantly, Starbucks starts serving PSL. I look forward to many Autumn adventures.

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