As much as I adore Autumn, I will be the first to admit that the weather can wreak havoc with my skin. Hot one minute and cold the next, it can be difficult to reign in the ever-changing skin troubles. During these months I like to up my skincare routine by throwing in some additional face masks. To make this post a little more season-appropriate I have found four of the best face masks for Autumn, all from the latest 7th Heaven range!

For those of you not in the know, 7th Heaven face masks are cruelty free, Vegetarian Society approved and also come in a range of completely Vegan options making them practically perfect for everyone. I have oily skin which can be prone to breakouts, and I have always found the 7th Heaven masks to do amazing things for my skin.

Just as a side note, these masks are new-season and exclusive to Primark where they retail at 90p per pack.

Pumpkin Pie Sauna Masque 

This is a wonderful Sauna Masque which self-heats and leaves your skin feeling really warm; quite nice after coming in from the cold. The colour is a light orange and it is scented of pumpkin and ginger which only adds to the feeling that you are spreading some kind of delicious pudding all over your face! Perhaps more importantly than the gorgeous scent though, this mask really cleared up a massive breakout I was having. Prior to this mask I hadn’t tried many of the Sauna Masques before so I had no big expectations – but after wiping it off I noticed my skin had calmed down and my nose was looking wonderfully blackhead free!



Rhubarb Rumble Peel Off Mask

Peel off masks are my favourite, so when I saw this one scented like rhubarb (a scent I absolutely adore) I just had to grab it.  Rhubarb is typically grown in Spring, however for me it’s such an Autumn staple; rhubarb pie, rhubarb and custard – delicious puddings to eat by the fire on a rainy evening. The scent of this mask took me back; it is strong and delicious, and altogether very pleasant. The mask itself worked wonderfully too, also helping to clear up my face and leaving it smooth and softly scented. After I had used it I went shopping with no foundation or makeup on and my other half remarked ‘your skin is looking good today’ – which I think is a pretty big win for this mask.



Black Raspberry Scrub Mask

A couple of days after trying the Rhubarb mask (and once my skin had started to go back to being its usual problematic self), I decided to try out the Black Raspberry Scrub. I love a good scrub mask as I really feel they help scrape off the old skin and dirt from your pores leaving your face feeling fresh and rejuvenated. This particular scrub smells incredible; a mix between a really nice fruity dessert and the old Fruitella sweets. It truly does smell edible! The mask is a very pale lilac and goes on smoothly, though you can definitely feel the ‘scrub’ element (which I like, personally.) After washing the mask off my face felt super-clean and it was really clear and soft. Out of all four masks this is definitely my favourite!



Chocaccino Mud Mask

I’m not usually a fan of mud masks as they tend to get a bit messy, however, this coffee/chocolate scented mask really intrigued me so I thought I’d give it a go. The mask itself was quite gritty and layered on thickly. Scent wise, this mask smells just like a mocha – with a good balance of chocolate and coffee scents, so perfect for cold evenings indoors. After removing it, my face felt noticeably softer and clearer. That said it did help draw out some spots the next day. That wasn’t a bad thing though as overall it helped clear my pores and left me with lovely clean skin.


What face masks are you loving at the moment?

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  1. Ooooh I’m now excited to try these babies out myself! Gotta love a good facemask. Rhubarb is a fav scent for me too ❤

  2. Oh wow! I’ve never tried Primark for facemasks but love some of 7th Heaven’s other masks so I’ll definitely keep an eye out for these.
    Kim |

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