I can hardly believe it is October already, it seems like just a minute ago it was August and I was walking with my mother, staring up at the tall Horse Chestnut trees and wishing for the conkers to fall! September was a very difficult month for my family and I, but I tried to celebrate and appreciate all of the small things; Autumn months are my favourite after all. I’m really hoping for a positive and fun-filled October so to celebrate this month I’m taking part in a bloggers challenge; Blogtober!

If you haven’t heard of Blogtober before, it’s a month long challenge in which bloggers attempt to publish a post every single day. Yep, that’s 31 posts throughout the month of October! This is going to be very challenging for me personally because I’m not always the most organised of individuals and inspiration tends to strike me sporadically. I am a firm believer that growth happens outside of the comfort zone though, so taking on this challenge, as difficult as I’m going to find it, should really help me hone my blogging skills.


I have decided that to give myself a fighting chance of succeeding I will be publishing my posts at around 8.30pm each evening, giving me time during the day to get my act together. So please feel free to check back here at that time each day to (hopefully) see some new content! To help me with this challenge I will be scheduling some posts for the days that I am really busy (so just because you see something new, doesn’t mean I necessarily wrote it that day, or week even!) I know there will be days where I just feel like I can’t be bothered, so scheduling posts ahead of time is going to be my not-so-secret secret weapon.


In terms of what I’m going to be writing about…well I really don’t know! But expect to see a lot of Autumn/seasonal content because at the moment that’s what seems to really be driving my inspiration. I am also moving this month so look out for posts on that too!


If there’s anything you’d like to read about here on Pretty Little Finch, please feel free to drop me a comment below; suggestions are not only welcomed but encouraged as they will help me to keep the momentum going on days where my brain is feeling a little overworked and empty! Also, if you are a blogger taking part in Blogtober, please feel free to drop me your links – I would love to read your posts and steal your ideas.  Just kidding about that last part, I would love to support you though!

Thanks for reading this, and see you tomorrow for some more Blogtober goodness!


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