I love Halloween. Carefully constructing the perfect outfit, decorating the house, carving pumpkins and, of course, the Lush Halloween range all make this season super-exciting for me. So when I found out that the Lush website and the Oxford Street store were getting their Halloween stock a little earlier than usual, I felt so happy at the prospect of kicking off the season with a splash.

General release for this range is October 6th but that said, I work just two tube stops away from Oxford Circus so of course I was going to pop in for some early treats! Not only did the Oxford Street store have the full Halloween range, but it was blessed with the Christmas range too. An exciting time for me but not so much my purse! I did grab stuff from both ranges (of course) but I shall save the Christmas haul for when I’m feeling a little more festive!

Here’s what I got…

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar £4.25

Sparkly Pumpkin is my all time favourite Lush product; it smells amazing, it looks cute and it produces orange sparkly water with plenty of bubbles – what’s not to love? I really find it hard to pin point the scent but to me it’s quite like sweets, with the lime and juniper berry oil being noticeably present. This little pumpkin also contains grapefruit oil, perfume and citronellol and is topped with a little cinnamon stick stalk before being brushed with glitter. This years Halloween range has impressed and excited me but still to this day nothing beats the Sparkly Pumpkin. If you buy me one of these I will actually love you, forever and ever.



Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar £4.25

Brand new for 2017, Lush took the ever-popular Sparkly Pumpkin and…made it pink! Sharing a similar pumpkin shaped, glitter embellished and cinnamon stick-topped design, this bubble bar is a cute addition to the Halloween line up. I’m definitely not as keen on the scent as I am the Sparkly Pumpkin but overall it is quite pleasant. Containing geranium oil, bergamot oil and jasmine absolute, this bubble bar is a floral affair that packs a punch and is quite unlike anything else in the range.



Bewitched Bubble Bar £4.25

Another new bubble bar for 2017 and one I’m really excited to try, Bewitched is a super-cute black cat design. I’ve yet to use this in the tub but Lush bubble bars are always fantastic so I am sure this will create lots of soft, scented bubbles. Demos have shown that it turns the water black; perfect for Halloween soaks! It contains olibanum oil and bergamot oil and smells delicious, just like blackcurrant.



Monsters Ball Bath Bomb £4.50

I was very happy to see Monsters Ball make a re-appearance this year. Shaped like a cute little one-eyed monster and deliciously scented of lime-pastilles, this bath bomb is a firm favourite among Lushies. Monsters Ball is part of the Calacas scent-family and smells absolutely incredible, really sweet and fruity. It contains lime oil, neroli oil and olibanum oil and turns the water a gorgeous purple-pink shade.



Pumpkin Bath Bomb £4.25

Pumpkin bath bomb has returned for yet another year at Lush. I love this bath bomb; from the cute carved pumpkin design to the sweet and spicy scent, everything about it is perfect. Containing cinnamon bark oil, pimento berry oil and vanilla absolute, pumpkin smells yummy plus it leaves the water a beautiful crisp orange colour which is perfect for the Autumn months.



Goth Fairy Shimmer Massage Bar £5.95

Ever wanted your skin to shimmer and shine? The Goth Fairy will grant all of your wishes with this lovely massage bar.  This product isn’t new for 2017 however it’s a new to me product as I completely overlooked it last year. This year after further research I discovered that Goth Fairy shares its scent with one of my all time favourite (and now retired) bath bombs; Space Girl. A gorgeous sweet violet scented product, Goth Fairy contains bergamot oil, grapefruit oil, almond essential oil and lots of lustre to give you that perfect shimmer.



Mystic Knot Wrap £3.95

This year I also decided to pick up a seasonal exclusive knot wrap. Mystic knot wrap is just beautiful, with a lovely moon and stars design. I’m not sure what I’ll use this for yet, but perhaps as a hair bow!


If you’ve had a chance to grab some of the new Halloween range, what are you loving? And if not, what are you looking forward to trying?



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  1. I can’t get over how cute the bewitched bubble bar is. Two words, I want! I also love the pumpkin bath bomb.

  2. I’ve not had chance to try out the new Halloween range yet but will be popping into my local Lush shop at the weekend. 🙂 I love the sparkly pumpkin, definitely one of my faves.

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