September has not been a wonderful month, if I’m being honest it’s actually been quite terrible. But as I mentioned in my What Is Blogtober, And Why Am I Taking Part? post, I have been trying my best to make the most of and appreciate the little things. Things like collecting conkers in the park, going for long walks and spending time with my family have helped me through some of the dark days.

I haven’t done a ‘Favourites’ post in months now, and I figured now would be the best time to write one up as it will help me reflect back on the things I have enjoyed. (Which can only be a positive thing, right?)

So here we go, here’s what I have been loving during the month of September…

Pumpkin Spice Candle £2.99 from Home Bargains

‘Tis the season for all things Pumpkin spiced and this month I’m enjoying the flavour/scent in more than just my coffees. This gorgeous candle smells spicy and delicious, comes in a really lovely glass jar/copper lid design and is a bargain at a just £2.99. We’re moving shortly so I have been carefully curating the perfect pieces for our new living room – I can’t wait to start burning this candle and filling my home with this seasons staple scent.



Bronze Hedgehog Ornament from Sainsbury’s

I have sadly since forgotten how much this adorable bronze hedgehog set me back, but I managed to snap it up in the sale at Sainsbury’s and I can confirm it was a bargain. Being hedgehog parents, this cute little guy instantly appealed to us. And as I mentioned above, we’re moving soon so wanted a couple of pieces to tie our new living room theme together. I think he would look cute nestling on a windowsill or fireplace.



Faceless Book by Martina Cole  £2 from The Works

A few months ago my mum picked up a stack of books by Martina Cole from The Works. They were all super cheap on an amazing offer. I have only just started to get round to making my way through the pile but started with Faceless. This book follows Marie Carter (a double murderess,) as she is released back in to society. In true Martina Cole style this book is really gritty, delving deep in to the seedy underworld of drugs, pimps, gangs and crime. It was a really enjoyable read although contains some language relating to race that some may feel uncomfortable with.



Lucky Dip Club Combo Subscription £10

This months LDC had me squealing in delight. I particularly enjoyed the socks aspect of this box as these socks are truly incredible! Designed to look like pencils they are perfect for avid writers like myself.



Pusheen Halloween Socks, Pack of 3, from Primark £2.50

Yet more socks to grace the list, you can always rely on Primark to produce the best of the bunch when it comes to Halloween-themed.  This pack of three socks was so cute I could not pass it up. And yes, it does come as a pack of three, I was just so excited to get these I wore a pair on the day of purchase! I adore Pusheen as he is such a cute little character. Dressed up as a bat or snuggling down in a pumpkin only makes Pusheen even more cute.



Cotton PJ Set £6 from Primark

I love Primark for pyjamas. Good quality, comfortable and at bargainous prices you can hardly go wrong. This set cost me just £6 pounds and is the perfect Autumnal pair in shades of burgundy with accents of gold.



Chenille Cropped Jumper in Mustard £19.99 from New Look

Chenille is everywhere at the moment and I can’t express how happy that makes me feel. Luxuriously soft and cosy, Chenille jumpers are absolutely perfect for cold days. I used to have a little burgundy chenille jumper with contrasting elbow patches when I was much younger and I always loved it, so finding these on the shelves once more gave me some serious throw-back. Gareth bought this for me as a gift and I can’t wait to wear it once the temperature drops ever so slightly.



Adalene Red Check Swing Skirt £27 from LindyBop

When I saw this skirt on the LindyBop Instagram it was love at first sight; literally my dream skirt. And although this is in a midi-length (which I would usually avoid) I’m really loving the skirt on.  It’s such a great quality material too, a total bargain for the price tag. This will be featured in posts to come so you’ll see the whole thing and how I style it at a later date. Keep your eyes peeled for that one.



29 High Street Perfume from Lush

If you aren’t familiar with the scent, 29 High Street is supposed to smell like walking in to a Lush store. A couple of months back I purchased the solid from the Kitchen and fell in love so I was super happy to get a bottle of the liquid perfume. It really does smell like a Lush shop, but not in an overwhelming way. It’s quite hard to describe but if you can get down to the Poole shop (the only shop that sells it!) I highly recommend taking a sniff/grabbing a bottle. This is such a great Autumn scent too so it has been my go-to scent over the past few weeks.


So that’s what I have been loving during the month of September. Have you tried anything from this list?

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  1. I love everyone of the goodies in your September haul. My absolute favourites have to be the pencil socks, the Halloween pusheen socks ( which I will be purchasing very soon) and the cute hedgehog.

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