Now Autumn is in full swing I thought it would be a good time to look at all of my goals and aspirations for the month ahead. October is usually a busy month for me, filled with days out and fun events, but this particular October is looking set to be my busiest yet. Here’s my bucket list for the upcoming weeks:

1. Move house

Towards the middle of October we hope to be moving out of our rented accommodation and in to our first home. As first time buyers the process has felt somewhat long winded, confusing and complicated – so we are both keen to just get in now.

2. Go pumpkin picking

Last year Gareth and I went pumpkin picking for the first time ever and we absolutely loved it! It was so much fun trawling through the patch in search of the best, the biggest and the weirdest little pumpkins. We will definitely be going back again this year, hopefully with my family in tow so they can enjoy the event too.

3.  Attend a Halloween event

Previous years have seen me dress up as a bat and a pumpkin to take part in fun Halloween events such as a Ghost Bus tour and a Frightmove visit. This year I’m looking for more spooky events and already have my costume lined up!


4. Eat a toffee apple

Such a small but significant thing for me, toffee apples are the taste of Autumn and I can’t wait to eat one again! My mum has already kindly gifted me my first, so this will be one to tick off the bucket list very soon!


5. Complete Blogtober

As everyone knows by now, I am taking part in Blogtober this year. I am not yet sure if I will be able to fully complete it but I will be giving it my very best. I really don’t want to compromise the quality of my posts so although it makes it extra challenging I will still be shooting all of my own photography.

6. Visit a funfair

There is nothing quite as fun and festive as funfair in Autumn. I really hope to get to one this year. And if there are fireworks – all the better! (Yes I know Bonfire Night is in November, but it’s never too early for fireworks, right?!)



7. Take lots of Autumn walks and visit new places

I have already been on lots of lovely Autumnal walks but there’s always time for more. I can’t wait till the leaves really start to fall and form huge piles. I’m also keen to get out and collect up some chestnuts as my mum loves them!

8. Take my theory test and pass

I have already sat a theory test once this month (my first attempt!) and failed. But as they say “if at first you don’t succeed…” so I’ve already booked in again for later in the month. And this time I hope I pass. But if I don’t? I will just try again.

9. Buy my winter coat

As it starts to get colder in October, now is the perfect time to look for my yearly coat. I tend to buy them fairly cheaply as although they get a lot of use, I never really like them for more than a season. I think this has something to do with my nan buying me a coat each and every Christmas as a child. Something in me still thinks that a nice new coat is a yearly requirement!




10. Autumn photoshoot

I’m hoping to find some time in my busy schedule to get outside and take part in an Autumn photoshoot to display some of my favourite Autumnal clothes and accessories in a blog post. This one I’m not so sure about though. It really does depend on how I am feeling about my body at the time – I will try though!

11. Take lots of Lush bubble baths

I have already got a nice stash of Halloween bath bombs and bubble bars but still need to stock up further before I feel really happy with my collection! Bubble baths really make Autumn enjoyable so I have been taking the time to have a soak almost every evening. I find it’s really good for my anxiety and is uplifting when I’m having a down day.

12. Start exercising again

Perhaps the least October relevant goal I have this month is to start exercising again. I can’t yet join a gym (due to being in between houses) but I can at least run around the block/do my Davina 15 minute fit DVD a few times a week. It’s not much but I’ve been feeling really bad about my body lately and think exercise will at least improve my mental health.

So those are my goals and plans for this month. As the month progresses I may (and probably will) think of more things I want to do and achieve. For now though, this is a great starting place! I will check back in at the end of the month with an October round-up to let you know how I got on.

What are your main plans/goals for the month ahead?

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  1. One of my main goals is a very simple but satisfying one. That is to jump in piles of dry leaves and hear them scrunch under foot. The next to take country walks with my family and included in this is to find lots of chestnuts to roast!

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