I am an inquisitive person by nature; I am in complete and utter love with the idea of adventure. As a result of this, I am someone who spends a great deal of time exploring places just for the simple pleasure of discovering something.

In my spare time you will often find me outdoors, in a country park, nature reserve or woodlands. As photography is one of my main hobbies, I love to combine my passion for adventure and nature and take lots of photographs of all the weird and wonderful flora and fauna I happen to stumble across on my forays in to the wild.

A few weeks back I had the idea that I wanted to go on a fungi walk and see how many different varieties of mushroom I could find and spot. I don’t eat mushrooms, as I’m not a fan of the taste or the texture, but from a plant perspective, I find them absolutely fascinating.  The way they come in so many shapes and sizes and colours. Seeing a Fly Agaric can literally make my entire day. I know it sounds a bit sad but I’m a firm believer that you should whole-heartedly enjoy the little things in life and nature-spotting brings me a lot of joy.

Panther Cap – poisonous
Or is it The Blusher, which is edible?!




Autumn is a great time for mushroom foraging (this is the season for them) and, although there are lots of organised fungi walks in country parks near me, I thought it would be more fun to go with Gareth and take a leisurely pace, just seeing what we could find together.





We decided to go to North Weald which is a short five minute drive from our home. I was so surprised at how many mushrooms we managed to find. I could definitely not identify all of these and I’m so glad I wasn’t foraging for food because, although a good portion of what we found were edible, some most definitely were not and in some cases it can be quite hard to tell species apart!

Sulphur Tuft – poisonous


Red Cracked Bolete – Edible


After flicking through my photographs I decided to do a little research in to the names of the mushrooms and their edible status. I looked at Wild Food UK to help me but even with the guidance some mushrooms are very similar and I am by no means an expert! So I have given it my best attempt to identify them in their captions.  However if you know any of these to be wrong, and you know what the correct name/status is, please tell me so I can correct my information. Also, if you can identify one that I can’t, I would love to hear from you!

Inocybe geophylla var. lilacina – poisonous





Do I have any friends/followers who are also fans of mushroom foraging? There are lots of fungi walks going on this month so if this sounds interesting to you, why not sign up for one and give it a go?

Russula Betularum – poisonous 

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  1. You found some great ones! Lovely photos 🙂 I haven’t had much time to go on a proper forage but I hope to fit one in before the end of the year.

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