In my October Bucket List post I mentioned that Gareth and I are getting ready to move in to our very first house together. Finally, after weeks of uncertainty we have exchanged contracts and have a move in date. As of Friday 13th October, the house will belong to us.

As this is such a huge and important step in our lives I thought now would be a good time to reflect on everything that’s going on.


For as long as I can remember owning a house has been a huge ambition of mine. I have always wanted a home to call my own – to decorate how I wish and to come home to each and every evening. And now at 27 years old I’m starting to realise that dream with my fiancé…it all feels a little bit wild.

I’m not going to lie by saying that we scrimped and saved to get the deposit together for this property because that simply is not the truth and I would hate to mislead anyone. As most people are aware, buying a house is not an altogether cheap experience and we are both incredibly lucky and grateful to have been helped by Gareth’s parents. They very kindly helped us with the deposit enabling us to get our foot on the property ladder and finally stop throwing money away in rent. Without them this whole process would have taken considerably longer.

Anyway, as I’m sure you can imagine I am so excited about the upcoming move but not without apprehension. This is going to be a big change for me (and us!) and obviously there are things I am worried about.

In case you didn’t know, we are moving away from my home county of Essex and all the way up to Cambridgeshire. In the scheme of things it’s not that far away (approximately an hour and ten in the car.) But it will be further from my parents than I am used to. Currently I am just a short 15 minute drive away which means I can pretty much see my parents whenever I feel like and lately that has been really handy as I have been spending a lot of weekends with them. I’m also going to feel a bit weird about not living in the same county as any of my friends. I don’t know anyone in Cambridgeshire and as I’m not exactly an extrovert I do think I might struggle to meet anyone there to be friends with.

On the other hand we will be a lot closer to Gareth’s parents than we are now. In fact, we will almost be in the middle of our parents which, if I’m honest, is a lot fairer. In the past Gareth was having to drive approximately three hours to get to his parents which was a bit ridiculous! I’m looking forward to being a bit closer to Gareth’s family as I think we will be able to have some days out with them and see them more than we do now.

Another thing that has been niggling away at my brain is that I will be so sad to wave goodbye to Brentwood! I have absolutely loved my time here and Brentwood will always hold a special place in my heart, particularly Weald country park. Living here meant we were blessed with loads of fantastic country parks, woodland and nature reserves. My most favourite thing to do was walk around Weald and feed the beautiful deer. When I think about the things and the places I will be leaving behind I feel sad. I think that’s pretty natural though, I never fell out of love with the place it was just time to move on.

That said, St Neots is a lovely area. There is a big river running through the town, lots of parks and green spaces and the RSPB headquarters, The Lodge (Which I wrote about here) is just a town over. I’m looking forward to discovering more wonderful places nearby and of course, Cambridge is just a 30 minute drive away so shopping is about to become a lot more interesting!

I will definitely not be turning my back on Essex though and still hope to visit Weald, Lakeside and all of those places I spent years haunting. It’s just that now I will be able to grow, expand and find even more places to treasure.

And in regards to the house…honestly it is so lovely and we have so many plans. I am most excited about painting the front door a cheerful yellow, decorating as we please and of course, finally putting an aviary up outside. Our garden is going to be full of birds, flowers and nature. And our home is going to be full of love.

As our move progresses I will be blogging about home related topics such as decorating and interior design, things to consider before buying a house etc etc so if any of those topics appeal to you, please keep your eyes peeled!







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  1. I’m honestly so pleased for you that you are getting to take this amazing step & it’s so well deserved! Obviously for selfish reasons I’ll be sad you are going to be further away but I’m definitely not going to let that stop me from still coming to see your beautiful face & home. You can’t get rid of me that easy! 😘 looking forward to hearing more about this adventure you are about to embark on & wishing you all the best in the upcoming move 💖 love you millions xxxxxxx

    • Thank you so much lovely. You have to come for dinner sometime! It feels really cosy and homely already. I’d love to have you over! Xxx

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