It’s Monday the 9th of October which can only mean one thing; it has been a little over one week since Blogtober started!  For those of you who completely missed what this challenge is all about, please feel free to read my post all about it over here.

So, nine days have gone by and that means I have at this point in time written nine blog posts. It may seem like a small milestone to some, and perhaps it is in the greater scheme of things. But blogging every day of this week has been seriously tough and there’s no doubt in my mind that it will only get tougher.

I work full-time in a fairly busy role as a copywriter (which means I’m pretty much writing all day long.) I also run a not-so-busy small business and, although it’s on the back burner a bit, I have still been fulfilling orders when they come through. For me that means packaging them up and taking them to the post office to send them to their new homes. Outside of the work part of my life I spend a lot of weekends seeing family and doing stuff and I’m in the middle of a house move and learning to drive. So there you have it, put simply- I’m quite a busy lady and Blogtober is kind of a hard challenge for me.

I think one of the biggest challenges I have faced so far has been photography. Whilst I don’t judge those that use stock photos, it’s just not for me. A massive part of my blog is the photography I take for it. And so, whilst I’m happy for a few posts to skip the pretty visuals, for me that needs to be the exception to the rule because I just don’t want to compromise on something that’s so important to me. But taking photos is tough when it is now dark in the morning and dark in the evening and I’m at work all day.

Photography has been a challenge, but October provides plenty of inspiration

So far I’ve had to combat this by being creative – taking appropriate photos in the dark (e.g the sparklers for my October Bucket List post), taking photos on lunchtime (e.g Autumn Appreciation Post ) or bulk taking photos on the weekend (A Trip To The RSPB Lodge)

Another issue I have faced is coming up with fresh ideas. In total I’m going to have to think up and write 31 posts all in one short month. As I mentioned previously, inspiration tends to strike me sporadically and I’m definitely not used to forcing ideas. This has made me realise I’m a bit of a lazy writer. Not in the sense of what I write but how I write – I let the ideas come to me and I’m rarely willing to push for them. For now I have been writing endless lists to help me come up with ideas (usually on my commute to work.) I’m also taking a lot of inspiration from things that I personally enjoy and that please me rather than thinking about what everyone else might want. Another thing I have been doing is “just going with it”. Some posts might not be the best I have ever written or the most thought out. I’m sure at the end of this challenge we will all have a few posts that we don’t completely love. But I think that’s okay because it’s all a part of the learning curve.

Coming up with new ideas is hard; take inspiration from the things you love

So, nine days in to Blogtober and this is the best (condensed down) advice I can give to other bloggers taking part in the challenge:

1.Utilise your time. Take photos on lunch breaks or at weekends

2. Plan blog posts and make lists on the morning commute

3. Remember that not every post has to be a work of art. Put effort in to it but do not scrutinise every idea you have. It might work out better than you think

4. Take inspiration from current events, things that you love and things that inspire you

5. Schedule posts ahead of time so that on days you are too busy/sick etc so that you will not miss a day

Don’t forget to have fun and let your creativity flow!

If you’re taking part in Blogtober how are you finding it? Do you have any useful tips to share with me? I would love to hear them!

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  1. I can imagine it must be so hard to find something different to write every day for a whole month. I don’t know how you do it!
    I can’t wait for all the rest of your blogs this month!

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