If you read my Moving House And New Beginnings  post, you will know that Gareth and I are moving in just a couple of weeks time. Ever since we put an offer in on the house we have been busy squirrelling away bits and pieces for our new home.

As we have been living together for two years we already have lots of stuff so don’t really need any of the basics. White goods are built in to our property also so there’s no need to splash out on any overly expensive purchases. But as this is our first house and we want to do things properly, we have decided upon some themes for each room and have been buying decorative pieces accordingly.


I thought I would share a few of the smaller bits we have collected so far and our “vision” for the house. I can’t wait to get in and make it ours!

Living Room

Our theme for the living room is “English Heritage.” We are looking at neutral colours such as browns, creams etc with some rust orange/burgundy/mustard yellow accents in the form of accessories. We have purchased a big half dome chrome pendant ceiling light, chrome curtain poles, chocolate brown curtains and wallpaper that is incredibly hard to describe but ties everything together nicely! (I’m sure you will see it in an upcoming post.) We also want to include some tweed/check patterns and bring a bit of wildlife inside by the way of ornaments, art, cushions etc. Think cosy yet traditional.


It feels as if our sofa is already full of cushions but in all honesty they are mismatched and becoming tatty. They also don’t fit the theme of our new home so we’ve gone ahead and bought a few new ones.

Wee purchased this lovely square cushion cover for a very reasonable £5 from Dunelm. We love the all-over pheasant print and the neutral colour will look great against our chocolate brown leather sofa.



The next cushion we picked up was also in a pheasant design. This rectangular cushion features a gorgeous tapestry pheasant and will really compliment the colour and patterns of our other cushions. I can’t remember the exact price of this one, but we got it from The Range so more than likely it was a bargain!


Last but not least we bought this duck printed cushion cover from Dunelm, also for £5! We love the traditional print on this one and think it fits our theme and colour scheme really nicely.



We already have a lot of art prints on display in our home but it’s always nice to add more. My mum picked up this adorable hedgehog print on wooden canvas. As hedgehog parents we both love the design and think it will look lovely hanging up in our living room. This one was from Next but, as it was a gift I don’t know how much it cost!



You probably saw this one featured in my September Favourites post and for good reason! This little bronze hedgehog ornament will make a cute addition to a fire place or shelf and helps bring together our theme of British wildlife. We picked this up in Sainsbury’s. Again, I’m not sure how much this cost but as it was in a sale it wouldn’t have been very much.


This Pumpkin Spice-scented candle smells delicious; it emits a really spicy, sweet and pudding-esque scent that makes me feel seriously hungry. At just £2.99 from Home Bargains we couldn’t pass up on it. The design of the candle is also really nice – I love the chrome lid and little glass jar! We will definitely be purchasing more candles and wax melts as there’s just something so comforting about burning candles and filling your home with warm scents.




Our kitchen is completely new; everything is built in and looking particularly shiny. I always think it’s kind of hard to inject personality in to things that have been refurbished or refitted without your input. That said, we do have a beautiful kitchen and we have picked up some nice bits and pieces to make it a bit more “us.” For the kitchen we are continuing with a nature theme but more towards a Country Cottage style with some modern twists and chrome accents.

Ever since we first discovered the brand we have been completely in the love with the cute Pimpernel Wrendale designs. We purchased this toughened glass worktop saver from Very.com and it cost around £10. This worktop saver features an adorable bird design with ducks, chicks, chickens, feathers and eggs and will keep our surfaces scratch-free.



Also from the Pimpernel Wrendale range are these coasters featuring a super-cute pheasant design (can you tell we like pheasants?!) This set of six coasters came from Stewarts Garden Centre and cost £9.95.


Yet another Pimpernel Wrendale design we purchased was this lovely tea towel, also from Very. This cost around £8 and features British wildlife such as hares, pheasants, owls, badgers and more. It’s almost too nice to use so will probably just sit around making the kitchen look pretty.


My mum very kindly gifted us this set of printed coasters from Wilko. I love Wilko for homewares as it’s really reasonably priced and you can pick up some nice bits and pieces. This set features a pretty flowers and bumble bees design.


And last but not least is this pair of salt and pepper mills also from my mum and also from Wilko! I love the chrome design of these – it matches our new bin (not pictured) perfectly. I also think we will be getting a lot of use from them.


So that’s everything we have picked up for now. We will be buying some more bits and pieces as we progress (so if you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, please let me know!) In terms of our bedroom we are going for a romantic/opulent-esque theme so I’m looking to buy lots of lovely faux flowers, gold and glass things!


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  1. I am loving this blog, I can’t get enough of home hauls and hope there are lots more to come.The hedgehog ornament really apeals to me, and the nature theme is just perfect. Two words, more please!

  2. Love this! Really enjoy seeing all the bits you’ve collected for your home & excited to see it all come together once you are in! Also giving me great inspiration for a house warming gift for you both 😘 xxxx

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