Described as having a scent similar to that of a gently spiced Hot Chocolate bubbling away on the stove, I’m Home was the Volume 4 perfume that most appealed to me when the collection dropped last month.

I have been looking for the perfect Lush perfume for awhile now. I have always desperately wanted to get my hands on a bottle of Snow Fairy or Honey I Washed The Kids as those scents are deliciously sweet. Unfortunately those perfumes are also very rare, highly coveted and hard to come by. The regular line of Lush perfumes has felt somewhat lacking for me; floral notes seem to take centre stage and I have never really been a fan. When I’m Home was released I was instantly intrigued by it’s sweet-sounding ingredients list.

This perfume contains a beautiful blend of cocoa absolute, vanilla absolute and benzoin resinoid to create a familiar and comforting scent, reminiscent of a pudding or a warm, sweet drink.

I find it very intriguing how one spritz of a favourite perfume can instantly take you back to a time and a place; the way that scents can be linked to half-forgotten memories that lurch to the fore front of your mind as the mist settles against your skin. When I read the lovely little story of I’m Home and the inspiration behind it, I knew instantly that I had to get myself in to a store for a sniff.


If you hadn’t guessed by its name, I’m Home is meant to replicate and remind you of little home comforts such as sitting in a well-worn and cosy armchair, home baking and seeing loved ones after time spent away. I think I’m Home has a really nostalgic feel about it, in terms of the story and the scent.

A couple of weeks ago I finally popped in to the Oxford Street store to try it out and I instantly fell in love with it. Since then I have dropped in to various stores to give the tester a quick spritz (and have received many compliments whilst wearing it!) I couldn’t hold out any longer so after just a couple of weeks of craving it I purchased the 30ml bottle.

Scent-wise I’m Home is stunning and, much like its intention, is highly reminiscent of home comforts. Upon the first spritz you get quite a strong and almost overpowering hit of cocoa. However, as the perfume warms against your skin it becomes more of a complex scent, with vanilla notes and the benzoin resinoid coming through. To me I’m Home just gets better and better the longer you wear it and, although it does not stay on the skin for an entire day, if you spritz some on to a jumper it lingers for hours and is really quite lovely.

On a personal note I find this perfume to be really good for anxiety; there’s just something very calming about it. It’s such a great scent for this time of year too; I really don’t think I will be wearing anything else up until the new year.

If you’d like to grab a bottle, you can pick up 30ml for a very reasonable £25 from Lush. It also comes in a 100ml bottle priced at £49 – and this is definitely the bottle I will pick up next!



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