Hi guys,

today I thought I’d share a super short yet sweet vlog of our new home. This tour lasts approximately three minutes and is intended to show you around ahead of our big move which is happening next week (exciting!) I will be following this up with more mini vlogs throughout the whole moving process to keep you update with where we are at. I did think about saving all the footage up to make one big (and proper) vlog but then I thought...nah. I know it sounds cheeky but multiple small vlogs might just be the thing to help me keep on track with Blogtober! I haven’t uploaded this to my Youtube channel so you will find it exclusively here.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this post as it will help me with future vlogs and Blogtober posts!



10 Comments on Home Tour; A Very Mini Vlog!

  1. It looks amazing! Your kitchen & bathroom look well swish! Looking forward to seeing how you decorate & make it yours xxxx

    • Thank you lovely! There’s a new vlog up this morning showing some of our efforts from yesterday! And there will be another one in the coming week too 🙂 x

    • Thank you! There’s a new one up this morning – and more will be coming in the next few days xx

  2. Is it a new build? Everything looks so fresh! My favourite part was when you accidentally slammed the washing machine cupboard and made yourself (and me) day “oop” x

    • Thank you! No not a new build no, but it has all been done up! As previously it was quite a state xx

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