Hi guys,

Today I thought I’d share another mini vlog. This one shows how we have started to decorate our home plus our plans for future decoration. My weekend has been filled with moving/decorating etc so it only seemed appropriate to be blogging about it. I will probably upload a couple more of these mini updates as we continue to decorate and move more bits and pieces in to the house. Hopefully you won’t find these too boring but please let me know either way! Also a huge thank you to Gareth’s parents who have been simply amazing and have really helped us with everything!



11 Comments on Decorating Our New House; A Mini Vlog

  1. I can’t believe how quickly you have started to make your house your home! It looks really good so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing lots more vlogs showing the progress you have made.

  2. I’m loving these! It feels like I’m kinda part of the process 💗 I’m so exciting for you & it already looks so amazing how everything is coming together! Xxx

    • Thank you lovely! I’m glad you are enjoying! I think the decorating bit is the most fun! Looking forward to getting some more done today xx

    • Thank you! I have made another vlog showing further decorating today and have added in a bit to say how much each thing cost/where we got it from 🙂 will probably publish that one tomor! Xx

  3. I liked the continuity between the introduction ending with “so we’ll see how we get on” and the next clip starting with someone asking “how you getting on?” :’)

    • Haha yes I thought that seemed appropriate! It made me laugh anyway, so was hoping someone else might notice! Xx

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