You’re too sensitive. You need to grow a thicker skin! Stop taking everything to heart. You take everything so personally.

Over the years I’ve heard them all, every single one of them. I am an emotional person, highly sensitive and I care a lot. In this society emotion is often perceived as a sign of weakness, so it’s really no surprise that time and again I am lectured on my feelings and expected to reign them in. 

There are times that I almost consider the critique and think about changing my ways.

Being a sensitive soul can be really tough at times, especially when you find yourself in the company of people who are less tolerant or caring than you are. Small things that others might brush off can at times really affect you and leave you feeling sad and exhausted; outsiders can’t always relate or understand your thought processes…

Yes, being emotional has it’s drawbacks. But it absolutely, categorically is not a sign of weakness. And I definitely do not need to grow a thicker skin – no one does.

Conversely to what some may think, being able to show emotions is a strength. It is a sign that you are comfortable with yourself and how you feel – it’s knowing how you want to be treated by others, and having the confidence to articulate that.

Bottling up your sadness, anxiety, depression and even just displeasure at a situation is incredibly unhealthy and stunts your growth as an emotional being. And let’s be honest, that’s what we are. Emotions are a part of everyday life, not something you can necessarily have complete control over. So it’s important to be in touch with them, to understand them and in turn, understand yourself.

As a sensitive person I understand that I have my limitations. I may not always be as happy-go-lucky as others and I may worry unnecessarily at times, but I feel that my emotions are my strengths.  As someone who feels a lot, I have a huge amount of empathy for others. I like to think that I am a kind, caring and understanding person and believe I have come to be this way through my own personal experiences.

I also feel confident in opening up to others and dealing with problems head on as opposed to quietly seething over them and letting them rot me from the inside out. I tend to deal with issues head on and because of that, I’m usually able to resolve and get over things quickly – these days I rarely dwell on anything for long.

I also think it’s a lot healthier for me to experience emotions as they naturally come to me – and let them go the same way. Trying to resist something that comes naturally to me feels wrong, I’d rather embrace it and take the positives that come with it – of which I feel there are many.

So no, I don’t feel the need to toughen up. Grow a thicker skin or simply care less and nor should anyone else. If you’re a sensitive soul like me, embrace it, it’s a wonderful gift.

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  1. Very well said. Of course sensitive People tend to be more creative in lots of ways.
    Because you feel things more, you find it easier to express yourself and this really comes across in the articles you have written.
    I say, embrace your inner sensitivity, it is part of you and you should never change the beautiful person you that you are.

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