I lead a busy life and, as such, tend to become prone to bouts of stress. Combine that with my anxiety and you have a recipe for disaster. Because of this it’s really important for me to take time out at least once a week to focus on my mental health and have a nice pamper evening. Winding down and treating myself helps to calm me and lift my spirits so it’s something I always make time for.

On Saturday we finally completed our move. Although this has been an exciting time, it obviously hasn’t been without stress; we have found ourselves incredibly busy packing, moving, unpacking, setting up the house etc. In fact we’ve been so busy that I have barely had time to sit down for five minutes. Finally, on Sunday night (tonight!) I found a couple of hours to relax and have some “me time”.  Here I am sharing my perfect pamper evening…




Bubble bath

There’s nothing nicer than coming in from the cold and stepping in to a steaming hot bubble bath. I am so fond of them I take them on an almost nightly basis but when I’m in need of a pamper I will make an extra special effort. For perfect pamper evenings I like to use one of my favourite Lush bath bombs or bubble bars, light some candles and pop a podcast on to keep me entertained for an hour or so. I also like to bring out my special products (all Lush of course!) Think favourite shower gels, scrubs and moisturisers – anything that will leave me smelling Heavenly and feeling amazing.



Face mask

When I’ve had a busy and stress-filled few days, my skin seems to take the brunt of it and I break out. I like to combat this with regular face masks and always make sure to include them when I have a nice pamper evening. My favourites are the 7th Heaven ones, but I also like to switch it up and use the Lush ones from time to time.




Hair mask

Alongside a face mask, I like to use a hair mask too. Nothing makes me feel nicer than silky, smooth hair! My hair mask of choice would either be the 7th Heaven manuka honey mask or a hot oil treatment from Lush; they are so nourishing and leave hair smelling gorgeous and feeling super-soft.




A good book

To really wind down I love getting stuck in to a good book. Sure, everyone loves to veg in front of the TV every now and then, but reading can really transport you to another time and place – and for that reason alone I find it’s perfect for distracting yourself from worries. I’m a big fan of crime and thriller fiction so whenever I have a pamper evening I make sure to dig out my latest read and have a bit of a binge, usually with a face mask on!



Cosy pyjamas and blankets

I like to be comfortable; my pyjama drawer is well-stocked with enough fuzzy pjs and slippers to last me a lifetime. Whenever I’m having a pamper evening I always dig out my favourite and cosiest set and make sure I have plenty of blankets at the ready to curl up in whilst I read my book.

So that’s my perfect pamper evening – and with this routine I never fail to feel blissfully relaxed after a couple of hours or so! How do you like to wind down?

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  1. Yes, yes, yes to all these things. I love bubble baths. They’re great to unwind, I’ll usually pop in a Lush bathbomb and put on a calming playlist.

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