Every year Gareth and I make a special effort to celebrate Halloween. Previous years we have taken a ghost bus tour (dressed as a bat and a vampire) through London at night, gone on a Frightmove house tour (dressed as a pumpkin and a zombie) and have always decorated the house with carved pumpkins, fairy lights, bunting and other spooky goodies.

Some people will inevitably think that Halloween is just another excuse for the big companies and corporations to market yet more junk at us. And I guess it’s true to an extent – but I am a firm believer in celebrating whatever you can, making the most out of life and having fun. So in this house, we celebrate Halloween and we love it.

This year we wanted to go to an event that was a little more local to our new home in Cambridgeshire. We decided to go to the Halloween and fireworks event at the Huntingdon Racecourse. The website stated there would be an ale tent, food stalls, a fun fair and fireworks – plus the chance to dress up. It sounded like it would be a lot of fun and at just £5 per person, a relatively cheap night too.

We decided to invite along my Mumchelle and my brothers to this event. There was just one stipulation; they had to dress up!

This year I think all of our costumes were really good, and I was so pleased that everyone made such a big effort. Here’s what we all went as…


Gareth dressed as a Day of the Dead skeleton/person complete with smart suit, top hat and DOTD makeup.


Mumchelle dressed as a witch, complete with hat, hair ties, cape, black dress, witches broom (an essential!) and green face makeup. Personally, Mumchelle’s was my favourite (but don’t tell anyone else that!)


Ben dressed as Tommy from The Room. This was a funny costume and the wig made us all laugh! If you haven’t seen The Room I can’t recommend that you watch it because it’s pretty dire but go ahead and Youtube ‘Lisa you’re tearing me apart!’ to get a glimpse of Tommy and where my youngest brother got his inspiration from!


Daryl dressed as a vampire, complete with dodgy fangs, questionable makeup and a cape!


And finally, I dressed as a deer roadkill with a very deer-like cardigan, makeup and antlers. I was also wearing a nice velvet skirt but you can’t see it in any of these photos. I actually did my deer makeup in a car so I don’t think I did too badly on that.

When we arrived at the event it was like that scene in Only Fools And Horses where Rodney and Del Boy turn up to a wake dressed as Batman and Robin. Literally no one had dressed up, not even the kids. Whilst quite embarrassing, this did make us laugh a lot and we decided to get out of the car anyway and go and stand out. Luckily as the night progressed lots of others turned up in fancy dress – what a relief!


We headed for the food stalls straight away, having had quite a long journey (we picked my family up from Aveley which was about an hour and a half drive.) At the event there was a street fries van, another selling hot dogs and burgers and a further one selling coffee and cakes. There were also candy floss stalls and an ale tent. I opted for the street fries and had mine covered in onion gravy and served with sausages. It was delicious.

Huntingdon Racecourse also has a bar on site and, because none of us are ale drinkers, this is where we headed for beers and cider after our food.




After grabbing a bite to eat and with a drink in hand we headed back outside to the benches to talk, take photographs and relax for a moment or two.








After finishing our drinks we decided to go for a wander around the funfair. There’s something really magical about a funfair at night; all the bright, twinkly lights, the sounds of people laughing and excited shrieks combined with the music from the rides…it’s just a great atmosphere. We didn’t go on any of the rides ourselves, but we did have a go at the hook a duck, which seemed to have been turned in to the hook a Disney – and in true funfair style we won the most paltry of prizes. We also headed to the candy floss stall where Ben bought a bag of the sugary goodness that we all just had to dip in to.









Finally, the night ended in an explosion of fireworks. We sat on the tiered stone step seating and watched as the fireworks lit up the night sky over the racecourse. As it is bonfire night next weekend, this was a great opportunity for us to experience the fireworks together as a family and combine Halloween at the same time.











Overall we had a really fun night; the combination of funfair, fireworks, food and Halloween was great, and it was so nice to spend some quality time with my loved ones.

Are you celebrating Halloween? And if so, how will you be celebrating?





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