If you weren’t aware that Gareth and I just recently bought our first house, then where have you been hiding?! It’s literally all I have been talking about for a month. Anyway, it’s been a week now and although we have lived together for coming up to three years, we are still finding ourselves needing bits and bobs around the house.

At the weekend we decided to pop in to B&M and pick up some bargains for the house. I thought I would share them with you in the form of a mini haul.

B&M is great isn’t it? You can find almost anything there and the prices are incredible value for money. I love traipsing around a B&M and discovering bargains, it’s the perfect Sunday activity.

The first thing we picked up was this super-absorbent and oversized bath mat in shades of brown, cream and white. We threw our last bath mat away as it had gone a bit manky. A bath mat is one of those things that you quite often forget you need until every shower or bath time rolls around. This one cost just £6.99 and looks lovely in our bathroom which is all very neutral shades.



Another bathroom bargain we picked up was this 3 piece set consisting of colour dipped tooth brush holder, soap dispenser and soap dish. Again, something that we were in need of (having thrown our older, considerably worn and disgusting set away before the move.) This set cost just £4.99 and the neutral colours look nice in our bathroom.



Of course, you can’t go in to a B&M and not buy a mug. I have far too many already (two whole cupboards full-oops!) but this design was just so incredibly cute that I couldn’t leave it behind! (Well in all honesty Gareth bought this for me as a gift!) The design goes with what we already have in the kitchen perfectly as we have mint (and copper) colour scheme and animal designs. This cutie cost a meagre £1.99.


Another item that we’ve been needing for awhile but have never got around to purchasing, is a tea bag dish. We (that means I) always end up leaving used teabags to cool down on the sink. But now our sink is quite nice it feels wrong to do that. This design was simple and cute and at 79p you can’t really go wrong.



Woodwick candles are some of the best; the design, scents and the enticing crackling sound they make as they burn are all highly appealing. That said, the price tag is not. B&M have come up with their own alternative to the highly coveted candles – enter Woodland Wick. Much like their more expensive counterparts, Woodland Wick candles feature a lovely wooden wick and appealing design. This one is scented of orange and cinnamon and it’s gorgeous. At £4.99 it’s also considerably cheaper than a Woodwick! I will definitely be going back to snap up the other scents.


And finally I grabbed some discount plant bulbs. These were priced at 50p per pack and I can’t wait to get planting them. The back of the pack says plant from August through to December, so I have a couple of months left to do so! I really adore flowers and can’t wait to make our new garden come to life with them.


So that’s everything we picked up on this trip. Have you been to B&M for any bargains lately?

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  1. I love B&M it is one of my favourite stores. Not only can you find a bargain, but everything is good quality. At this time of year I can be seen in the Christmas isles.
    You can always pick up something a little bit more unique in B&M. My favourite object in your haul was the cute fox mug.

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