Vintage is quite often seen as the ‘in’ or ‘trendy’ thing these days. It’s become cool to dig through vinyl, re-purpose crazy printed shirts and deck yourself out in accessories from bygone eras.

I myself am a big fan of all things vintage and can easily see why others are so drawn to it. Asides from the ecological/recycle and re-use aspect of it all, vintage items are generally of a better quality and last much longer than their modern counterparts. Additionally, the design/style is better thought out and more unique than what is on the (mass-produced) market these days. After all, who wants a cheap, plastic-smelling bag that’s on every other persons arm when you could own a beautiful handmade number for a fraction of the cost?

But if you want to know why I personally love vintage so much, it’s because I like to own a little slice of history. Call me romantic but, I love the stories behind the objects. I love to look at something and imagine a time, a place and a person. My vintage jewellery is my most loved jewellery and I always urge loved ones to buy me something secondhand above something brand new- it’s so lovely to think I am keeping something in use that someone once adored.


Anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent. Last weekend Gareth and I decided to visit one of the best and most well-known vintage fairs – Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. I have been following the fair on social media for a long time, lusting over the amazing vintage goodies. But until recently actually going to this fair has been a bit un-achievable. We recently moved all the way from Essex to the Cambridgeshire area – and now of course we are a lot closer to the fair!


Held in the beautiful Cambridge Guildhall, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair spanned around 50 vintage traders. The Facebook event post promised lots of vintage fashion, jewellery, accessories, vinyl and curiosities.

Prior to our visit I had made a (mental) note of the things I was looking for; a necklace or brooch, a bag and of course, vintage toys to add to the collection. (Think kewpies and cute rubber faced things.)


On entering the hall I was impressed with the layout but could see that the stalls were predominantly fashion related with lots of fun printed and patterned jumpers and shirts.

One thing that did disappoint was the lack of vinyl mentioned in the Facebook ad, as Gareth had been keen to find himself some gems. I also did not find any kewpies or toys (although there were two lonely Sindy’s sitting on a shelf.)



That said, what was there was gorgeous. There was a ton of vintage jewellery and more cameo brooches than you could shake a stick at. It was so much fun to peruse the glittering jewellery trays and rifle through the bags and scarves all the while being reminded of just how well made vintage things truly are.



There were so many necklaces and brooches I completely fell in love with, and everything was so reasonably priced too. But of course I could not take everything home with me and actually ended up with just one (beautiful) costume necklace and two slightly more modern goodies! (What can I say, there was a Minimum Mouse stall and I’m a sucker for a cute enamel pin.)


The gorgeous necklace I picked up for myself
The tooth enamel pin is mine, the alien space ship is Gareth’s!

All in all we had a lot of fun and, in the end it didn’t really matter about the lack of vinyl as we found a huge market stall packed with boxes upon boxes of dusty records as well as a Fopp! which Gareth happily rummaged through. Turns out Cambridge likes a good vinyl as much as we do.

I hope to visit again in the future but in the meantime I will be looking out for more vintage fairs and events to explore.

If you know of any, please let me know!

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  1. Such a beautifully written piece and it perfectly summoned up the memories of being there looking through all the vintage items. I had a great time visiting here with you and this post perfectly encapsulates the experience.

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