These days I spend far more time planning and buying gifts for others than I do thinking about what I’ll find in my own stocking. As you get older you tend to find more joy in the giving than you do in the receiving. That said it’s always fun to have a bit of a daydream and write a wishlist-  it’s like the modern day equivalent of circling your most wanted toys in the Argos catalogue.

I’ve been reading a lot of wishlists lately as they are so fun and really leave me feeling festive. They’re also great at giving you ideas of the type of things you could get for your own loved ones. So today I sat down and had a think. If I could have any (material) objects I wanted for Christmas, what would they be?

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and compiled my own Christmas wishlist – of course these are not gifts I expect from any of my loved ones personally (as I don’t tend to ask for specific things anymore) but is instead intended to be a fun read!

Please note: all images (apart from Lush) have been taken from the respective companies websites. I do not own these images.


Is it even Christmas if you don’t receive a fresh pair of PJs? I love pyjamas and although I am well stocked in that department, there is always room for more. My favourite shop for Pyjamas is Next, although I would be equally as pleased with a pair from Primark! Both shops are currently selling a super cute deer onesie that I would just love to own (either or!) I believe Primark’s version is £15 and features a little embroidered face in addition to the horns, whilst Next’s onesie is a little more luxury at £30.



Whether it’s a bath bomb or a gift set, nothing makes me happier than receiving Lush goodies for Christmas. I take baths on a nightly basis and so Christmas time is ideal for stocking up on bath bombs and shower gels to see me through the remainder of Winter.

My favourite bath bomb from the Christmas range is definitely Shoot For The Stars (you can never have too many!) and costs just £4.50 making it the perfect stocking stuffer. I also love the Magic of Christmas bubble wand and of course, any gift set would make me smile!



I love when people gift me clothes as I’m very much about practical gifts that will get a lot of use. I also find it interesting to see what others think would suit my style – sometimes it can help to freshen up your wardrobe a little bit, something which we could all do with from time to time. An item I would love to receive is this gorgeous vintage-inspired cardigan from from Joe Browns. I adore the attention to detail, faux fur collar and colour of this cardigan and can see me wearing it a lot. It would look amazing layered over a printed tea dress!  At £39 pounds it’s quite pricey but I can see me getting a lot of wear out of it.

download (1)


Makeup is another great practical gift that will get a lot of use – and who doesn’t enjoy receiving something that will make them look fabulous? I’m not overly fussy with my brands- I tend to use a mix of drugstore and high-end. Either way I’m pretty happy; and getting a product I have never used before just means I am able to discover something new!

Blythe doll

I adore collecting things – particularly if they are cute. I have fairly recently started up a Blythe collection after becoming enamoured and slightly obsessed with the big-headed doll.

If you aren’t aware of the history of Blythe, feel free to watch my Birthday Haul video here! In which I briefly touch upon it and why I am so obsessed with this doll. This is quite a funny one because as I child I absolutely loathed dolls so I jokingly tell friends that at aged 28 I am finally getting to live through that phase. In reality I just adore vintage/vintage-inspired toys/things and Blythe is a replica of a doll sold in the 70s. They are quite expensive though, so if I were to pick one for Christmas I’d go for a less expensive doll such as Joanna Gentiana (£124 pounds from CC Toys.)



Dr Martens 1461 Shoes in Cherry Red

I haven’t bought a pair of DM’s since my late teens so think I am long overdue. Back when I was 18 they didn’t seem to be as popular as they are now, so I was routinely laughed at for wearing them. I would love a shiny new pair, and have had my eyes on the 1461 shoes for the longest time. I’ve been a bit of a cheapskate however, unwilling to part with my hard-earned cash for shoes, even if they are lovely. I’ve been back and fourth many times about which ones I’d rather have – the black or the red. In the end I just think the cherry red suit my style a lot more so those are the ones I would most like to stomp about in!




I think jewellery makes a great keepsake gift and it’s hard to go wrong with a nice necklace or brooch. Personally I like vintage or handmade jewellery so that is what I would most like to see under the tree. This Pick and Mix Sweet Jar brooch by Martini & Slipper (sold on the Lottie and Lu website) is absolutely perfect and would look so cute pinned to a cardigan. (More specifically, my cardigan!)



I love to read and so receiving a book for Christmas is always really appreciated. I tend to steer towards crime and thriller fiction but asides from that I’m not too fussy. Some books on my wishlist right now are Safe With Me by K.L Slater and A Stranger In The House by Shari Lapena. Of course I am always happy with a surprise too!

So that’s my wishlist – if you can’t tell I really like to receive practical things that I can both use and enjoy, as well as fun things that make me smile!

What’s on your wishlist this year? Feel free to leave your links below so I can have a read!

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