I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Lush Christmas line since last year. Not only are the products super fun and festive but they are among some of my all time favourites. During the December months I take the opportunity to stock up on (and stash away) as many of my faves as possible to see me through the remainder of the year.

Today I thought it would be fun to share with you my small(ish) Lush Christmas haul and talk you through some of the must-haves this year!

First of all, I’d just like to note that I haven’t picked up all of the new releases this year – although I did give it a good go there were so many new products that my purse could not accommodate them all. Keen eyes will also observe that my all time favourite shower gel Snow Fairy is absent from this list. Do not be alarmed, I am well stocked up on Snow Fairy having bulk bought big bottles last Christmas! I will probably grab a few more in the boxing day sale though as you can never have enough Snow Fairy!


Rose Jam shower gel, £10.95 for 250g

I adore the Rose Jam scent; sweet with a hint of floral, it is absolutely gorgeous. However, despite owning the body spray and regularly using the bubbleroon, I have never actually owned a bottle of the shower gel (weird.) I was quite late to the scent, and so I had always overlooked the shower gel. This year I made sure to grab a bottle and I am definitely glad that I did.

Containing Turkish rose absolute, argan oil, Sicilian lemon oil and vanilla pod infusion, Rose Jam smells incredible, lathers up nicely and really moisturises your skin leaving it feeling soft and lightly scented.


Golden Pear soap, £6.50

New to 2017, Golden Pear soap instantly caught my eye. The design of this soap is incredible – shaped like a pear and dusted with gold glitter, it looks just like a Christmas ornament.

The design is not the only interesting thing about this soap though, one sniff and you’ll fall in love; it smells like beautifully sweet pear drops. It contains pear puree, murumuru butter, Brazilian orange oil, sandalwood oil, a clove and a whole bunch of other goodies designed to leave your skin feeling heavenly soft. I wish this would be an all-year round product but fingers crossed it at least returns next year.


Christmas Cracker bubble bar £5.95

Lush are quite well-known for creating lots of lemon-scented goodies. I have seen a fair bit of frustration from die-hard Lush lovers who want to see (and smell) something a little more innovative- but me personally? I love lemon scented anything.

That’s why I knew I’d be a big fan of the Christmas Cracker bubble bar. This particular bubble bar smells strongly of sherbet lemons and the cracker design is just adorable. It leaves the water a gorgeous peachy colour and produces mounds of soft, scented bubbles – plus it contains popping candy too which was a fun surprise! Containing lime oil, lemon myrtle oil, fair trade organic cocoa butter and neroli oil, this uplifting bubble bar is new to 2017.


Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb, £4.50

I was happy to see the return of the Luxury Lush Pud this year- albeit not surprised. This particular bath bomb belongs to the ‘Twilight’ scent family. There has been a lot of hype over the ‘Sleepy’ body lotion recently, so it doesn’t surprise me that all the products sharing this scent are highly sought after (both by new and seasoned Lushies.)

Containing lavender oil, tonka absolute and benzoin resinoid, this bath bomb smells super-sweet and leaves your water pink (after a fizzy and colourful bath display.) This is one of my favourites from the Christmas range, so I tend to pick one or two up every year.


Gold Fun, £5 for 200g

In case you’ve never heard of it, Fun is a multi-purpose product that is squidgy like a bar of play doh. You can use it to make shapes/designs and also to create bubbles, wash your hair and body with. Because of the design, Fun bars are very popular with small children – I wish I had had this as a child because it sure does brighten bath time.

Anyway, this particular bar, Gold Fun, is scented with the Honey I Washed The Kids fragrance – my all time favourite from Lush. It smells gorgeous, like a mix of toffee/honey/pudding – totally edible! Unlike its family members however, this product does not contain honey – meaning vegans can finally get involved in the…fun. (Sorry!) Instead it contains sweet wild orange oil and bergamot oil.


Shoot For The Stars bath bomb, £4.50

And speaking of the HIWTK scent, how could I miss out on the Shoot For The Stars bath bomb? This bomb is my all time favourite treat and smells incredible.

It features golden cocoa butter stars that softly melt in to your water, leaving in their wake a swirl of glitter. I have said it before and will say it again, SFTS leaves your water looking like a liquid, inky sky – it is stunning and so very calming. This bath bomb contains fair trade organic cocoa butter, brazilian orange oil, bergamot oil, coconut cream and almond oil.



The Magic of Christmas bubble wand, £5.95

If you’re looking for a product that perfectly encapsulates the scent of Christmas – this is it. Featuring a star brushed with gold glitter and studded with cloves, a cinnamon stick with which to twirl the bubble bar and a red ribbon finished with a bell, this product is definitely a show-stopper.

It creates mounds upon mounds of soft, scented bubbles and, due to the nature of the product, is completely reusable. I managed three decadent baths with mine – but others have gotten much more use out of it. It contains cinnamon leaf oil, sweet orange oil, and almond oil and the only way to describe the scent is simply ‘Christmas’. It is beautiful.


My Two Front Teeth bubble bar, £3.95

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth! I laughed and laughed when I saw this product, and marvelled at how clever Lush can be. This bubble bar is shaped like a little mouth with two protruding teeth and is brand new for 2017.

It smells gorgeously sweet, sharing it’s scent with Think Pink, and creates a lot of bubbles plus purple coloured water. It contains lavender oil, vanilla absolute and neroli oil. At just £3.95 it’s also on the cheaper end of the spectrum meaning it’s great value for money.


Snow Fairy cold pressed soap, £5.95

And last but not least I picked up the Snow Fairy cold pressed soap. Well I say I, this one is actually Gareth’s (he loves the Snow Fairy scent- pass it on.)

Everyone is probably familiar with Snow Fairy by now, but in case you’re reading this and are totally out of the loop, Snow Fairy smells very, very sweet – somewhere between candy floss and bubble gum. This soap contains fair trade organic cocoa butter, almond oil and extra virgin coconut oil. It features the cutest little wand design and is brushed with pretty, iridescent glitter.


So that’s everything I’ve picked up from the range so far. I will definitely be going back and picking up other bits and pieces and will (probably) do a couple of reviews on some of the products that are new to 2017.

What Lush product are you loving right now?

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