As I sit here and type this, snowball in hand, it’s Christmas eve – Michael Bublé is playing on vinyl, a delicious roast is cooking in the oven and the tree is twinkling with fairy lights.

My fiancé and I always celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve. It makes sense – on the big day we are both at our parents houses and, as they live in the opposite direction from each other, it means that we don’t get to spend the actual day together.

So instead, we open gifts on Christmas eve, eat a huge roast dinner, indulge in cake and whack Christmas films on the telly. Pretty much your average Christmas day, just a little earlier!

This year, I was completely overwhelmed by the wonderful gifts Gareth chose for me. It would appear someone had read My Christmas Wishlist as he got me almost every thing on there! I feel so spoilt and realise that I am incredibly lucky. Not only to have a partner who picks me up such great gifts, but to be with the kind of person who cares so much and is so thoughtful. So if you’re reading this Gareth (and I know you will!) Thank you so so much.

I adore ‘What I Got For Christmas’ posts and have been reading them solidly since November. This year I thought it would be fun to write my own, so without further ado, here it is, what I got for Christmas 2017…

Deer onesie

I was so delighted to open up this cute and cosy deer onesie as I have been eyeing it up for ages. It is super soft and just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I shall be living in this throughout the month of January I am sure.


Dr Martens in Oxblood

I have wanted a pair of the Dr Martens shoes for the longest time but for one reason or another, never got around to actually purchasing them. I am incredibly happy to have these though, and will be getting a lot of use out of them. I love that they are in the oxblood colour too – they are completely my style.


Vintage inspired cardigan

When I first saw this cardigan on the Joe Browns website, I fell in love with it. Everything from the mustard colour to the faux fur collar with satin ribbon is just perfect, and the attention to detail is incredible. I never expected Gareth to gift me this and so, was really surprised when I opened it! I adore it – now just to find the perfect tea dress to layer it over!



Sonny Angels – Christmas Series

Every Christmas/Valentines/Easter etc Dreams release cute seasonal Sonny Angels and I always make sure to pick up a set. This year however I skipped the Christmas Angels. Initially I wasn’t too sure on the designs, but also I had spent a lot of money on Christmas gifts for other people, so couldn’t really afford to splurge on them. I have a huge collection of Sonny Angels, so figured maybe I could miss a series. Luckily Gareth surprised me with a set, and honestly I was so excited to open them! They look so much nicer in real life than their promotional images and I am very happy to add them to my cabinet of Sonny’s! If you would like to buy your own (and why wouldn’t you, look at the cute?!) You can get a set of four at a really good price from Didi Inspired right now!



Five boxes of Carambar Coffee for my Tassimo Machine

A couple of Christmases ago Gareth bought me a Tassimo coffee machine – and it really is the kind of gift that keeps on giving! I adore the Carambar coffees but they aren’t sold in the UK, apparently you have to have them shipped from France. Gareth got me five boxes – there’s only four shown here though as I tucked in straight away! Such a great (and delicious!) gift.


Lush goodies

Anyone who knows me will know I adore Lush. Therefore I was ecstatic to open a new tub of Vanishing Cream (my skin has gone seriously downhill since I ran out) a Magic Wand bubble bar and my grail product – Scrubee.


The Little Mischiefs book

If you watched my Birthday Haul Vlog | November 2017 you will have seen that Gareth gifted me a Little Mischiefs book that I absolutely loved. Filled with fun Blythe photography, the book is perfect for the coffee table and a joy to flick through. For Christmas, Gareth got me the other Little Mischiefs book, and I can’t wait to get stuck in! The photography is so beautiful.



Lavender Hug Blythe

I absolutely love Blythe dolls and have just started to collect them. They are quite expensive though, so not something I can often splurge on. Gareth very kindly (and generously) got me the Lavender Hug Blythe which I have been desperate to own for a couple of months now. She is so beautiful and I am so happy to finally have her. This was one of my most favourite gifts to unwrap this year and a complete surprise too!



Miniature Bicycle for Blythe

And finally Gareth gave me this miniature bicycle for Blythe. I love miniatures and this little bike is a perfect replica with a working chain and pedals – it is just adorable! I’m really interested in toy photography, so this will the perfect prop for my Blythe dolls!


And that’s everything! I was so excited, shocked and delighted to receive everything that I did, and feel so incredibly thankful.

What was your favourite gift this year?

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