If you have been following my blog over the festive season, you may have seen my What My Fiancé Got Me For Christmas 2017 post. Today I thought I would write another ‘What I Got For Christmas’ post but include all the wonderful things my family gifted to me- I was truly spoilt this year and feel incredibly lucky!


As I mentioned in my previous post, there’s something about ‘What I Got For Christmas’ blog posts that really appeals to my inquisitive nature. I have been reading them non-stop over the past few days and they have really helped me with the post-Christmas blues. I had a lot of fun writing the last post, so I’m back today with another!

I’m not going to write the usual disclaimer that generally accompanies these posts – if this isn’t your thing, please feel free to move along and skip this post. What I do want to say however, is a huge thank you to my wonderful family for spoiling me rotten, even though I’m the ripe old age of 28 and surely do not deserve it! My family were all incredibly thoughtful and I received such perfect presents-things that I will love and use for years to come.


I did receive a lot of gifts so have decided that this will just be a general highlight of them – if I wrote about each one individually the post would definitely take forever to write, and forever to read.

Lush goodies

This year I was so lucky to receive lots of lovely Lush goodies, including these three gift sets! The Man on The Moon tin was from my parents and contains some of my all time favourite products. The Jolly Hollydays gift box was a super-surprise from my thoughtful little brother Ben, and the Christmas Candy Box was a sweet-smelling delight from Gareth’s sister and family. I am so grateful for these sets as I adore Lush. I will be writing a big post on what these boxes contain very soon – so please keep your eyes peeled for that!



My older brother Daryl decided to glam up my Christmas with the 24k Brilliant Gold perfume from Michael Kors. He hand-picked this himself, I was very impressed!



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what’s Christmas without a new pair of jammies?! I was spoilt this year with three pairs. One from my Aunty Alison, one from Aunty Sharon and one from my mum! I love all the cute patterns and designs – they know me so well (and I love them so much.)


Cath Kidston mug & Wooden trunk

From Gareth’s brother, wife and family I received this gorgeous bird and floral printed mug. It’s absolutely huge so I’m thinking it will be perfect for soups! I’m a massive Cath fan and was super happy to receive this. They also very kindly gifted me a pretty scarf with bird embroidery which you can catch a glimpse of in the group photo!

The wooden trunk is from my parents and I absolutely adore it. It looks so lovely in our home. Top marks to my Mumchelle this year as she absolutely spoilt me with homewares! Some of which aren’t pictured, because my haul was huge!


Vintage cameo brooch/pendant and trinket tray

One of my most favourite gifts this year was this beautiful cameo brooch from my parents. It is so pretty and I know I will wear it forever and ever. I love cameos and have a ‘junk’ vintage one that I wear all the time. This one is real gold however, and the detailing is so pretty. It doubles up as a brooch and a pendant, so I will probably get a nice gold chain to hang it from.

My parents also got me this pretty copper bird trinket tray. This was an ‘after dinner’ present and it fits in perfectly in our home – it’s simple and stylish. I love it!



Joules wellies and Prosecco

I have wanted a nice pair of Joules wellies since forever. I adore Joules as a brand, and frequently go on country walks. I was so excited to open these as they are completely gorgeous as well as practical. They are from my parents but my brother works for Joules now so I think his discount is going to come in handy….

The bottle of prosecco is a gift from Gareth’s parents. I can’t wait to crack it open – probably in the new year as part of our celebrations!



Another gift from Gareth’s parents was this gorgeous pomegranate scented candle. I love burning candles so was very happy to open this one! I do have to note, that although I don’t have any pictures for this post, Gareth’s parents bought us a lot of amazing joint presents this year.

We were both so incredibly thankful to receive a copper microwave (to match our appliances!) and units for our bathroom. I hope to post a house tour at some point, so you’ll probably catch them in that post!



I love receiving books and was so excited to open five new ones this year! I can’t wait to get stuck in, huge mug of tea in hand.



I had no idea that Gareth was going to get me a Blythe for Christmas, so when my mum offered to pay for half of Joanna Gentiana, I jumped at the chance! I am so happy with her, as she is an absolutely beautiful Blythe. She came with greasy hair though, so it definitely needs a wash! Two Blythes for Christmas was even better that I could have possibly imagined. I feel so lucky and thankful!



I have never seen gloves more perfect or more ‘me’ than the ones my parents gifted to me this year for Christmas. They are a gorgeous mustard colour with cable knit design and feature faux-fur pom poms which are so cute! I have a hat that these will match perfectly, so can’t wait to wear them for the remainder of the year.


My parents also gifted me a tonne of amazing makeup sets, (some of which you can see in the photo above) and so many beautiful things for the house. I really was quite overwhelmed by it all.

I just want to say a huge thank you to those that gifted me a present, wished me a happy Christmas or sent a text. I have really enjoyed this festive season and spending time with those that I love the most. I hope you’ve all had a lovely time too and please feel free to drop your ‘What I Got…’ posts in the comments below – I will read each and every one of them!


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