Christmas has been and gone, and what a Lush Christmas it was. Between all the wonderful giftsets I received and the Boxing day sales, I am well and truly stocked up on bath time treats for the foreseeable future!

Today I thought I’d share with you the biggest Lush haul I have ever had the pleasure to write!



This year my family really outdid themselves on the Lush front.



From Gareth I received the Snow Fairy bubble bar wand. This is multi use, meaning I will get around 3-4 bubble baths out of it. It smells incredible, somewhere between candy floss and bubble gum. Snow Fairy is such a Christmas scent for me, so I was very happy to add this one to the collection. Gareth also got me my favourite body scrub/moisturiser bar ‘Scrubee.’ This product smells incredible (a chocolate/toffee scent) and will leave skin feeling beautifully soft. From my mum I got the Two Front Teeth bubble bar. This is another favourite that shares its’ scent with Think Pink. It’s a beautiful berry-type scent and the bubble bars design never fails to make me laugh. My aunty Alison picked me up the Golden Wonder bath bomb. This one smells great and creates a fantastic display in the bath- it was very thoughtful of her to pick this one out for me!

The Man In The Moon Tin


The Man In The Moon tin was my most wanted giftset this year, and so I was very happy to unwrap it on the big day. My parents purchased this one for me – so thanks mum and dad! It contains some of my all time favourite products and includes a Twilight shower gel, Twilight bath bomb, Sleepy body lotion, Twilight sparkle jar, The Magic of Christmas bubble bar, Man In The Moon bubble bar, Shoot For The Stars bath bomb and Rocket Science bath bomb! I was particularly happy with the Magic of Christmas bubble bar as this is one of my favourite Christmas products and I haven’t been able to stock up on it this year. I am also looking forward to trying out the Man In The Moon bubble bar which I am informed shares the Calacas scent.


Jolly Hollydays Giftset


 The Jolly Hollydays giftset was from my younger brother Ben, and I was so shocked and surprised to open it – he picked well! It contains Santa’s Christmas and Bubbly shower gels (both wonderfully festive scents!) a Golden Wonder bath bomb, Golden Pear soap and Snowman bubble bar. Sadly the Golden Pear was wet (unsure why!) so I couldn’t photograph it, but instead plopped it in the soap dish. I am quite excited to try out the Snowman bubble bar as it’s new to 2017 and I have yet to try it! I am also particularly excited by the shower gels, as you can never have too many!


Christmas Candy Box Giftset


I was excited to open the Christmas Candy box from Gareth’s sister and family. This sweet-smelling box contains some of my favourites! It includes a Luxury Lush Pud (which is part of the Twilight family) a Candy Mountain bubble bar which I absolutely love, some Rock Star soap and a bottle of Snow Fairy. You can never have enough Snow Fairy!


Hot Toddy Shower Gel


Finally, a gift from me to me was this Hot Toddy shower gel. I didn’t pick this up in the boxing day sales as it was an online exclusive. It smells just as you might imagine – it’s packed full of cinnamon and manages to smell both spicy and sweet. It looks beautiful too as it’s full of sparkly glitter.

Boxing Day Sale

For the first time in my life I woke up early and willingly got on the bus for the boxing day sales. I wouldn’t have done, but Lush decided to keep their sales exclusively to the stores this year so that meant there was no chance of grabbing an online bargain. Luckily I had my brother with me to help grab products and keep a place in the absolutely massive queue. Yes, it was manic but I did grab some serious bargains! In total I spent just £52.63 but came away with goodies over the value of £105.26. When you look at it like that, the early morning and manic atmosphere was more than worth it!

Little Snow Fairy Giftset


The first thing I picked up was the Little Snow Fairy giftset which contains 100g of the sweet-smelling Snow Fairy shower gel and a Snow Fairy jelly bomb. I’ll be honest, I’m not particularly fond of the jelly bombs, but the Snow Fairy one definitely appeals for its’ scent alone and this little set cost just six quid- bargain.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel 250g


And on the theme of Snow Fairy, I picked up a 250g bottle of the good stuff. I did want a 1kg bottle but everyone was frantically grabbing them!

Assorted bath bombs/bubble bar


I also grabbed a few bath bombs as they were a whopping 50% off. I picked up two Shoot For The Stars as these are a favourite, a Luxury Lush Pud and a Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar left over from the Halloween range.

12 Days of Christmas Giftset


And last but certainly not least I picked up this absolutely huge box of goodies. It contains 12 products – some of which are new to 2017 and that I have yet to try which was part of the appeal to me. This box was also half price so another crazy bargain. It contains a Snow Fairy shower gel, a Bubbly shower gel, Bucks Fizz body conditioner (I’m excited to try this one!) a Never Mind The Ballistics bath bomb, Shoot For The Stars bath bomb, Golden Wonder bath bomb, Sherbert Dip bath bomb, Christmas Sweater bath bomb, Plum Snow bubble bar, Christmas Cracker bubble bar, Christmas Eve bubble bar and Baked Alaska soap. Of all these products I haven’t tried five – so I am really excited to use them!



So that’s everything Lush related I got this year. I am so lucky and feel super-excited to use everything and give myself a well-deserved pamper!

Did you pick up any Lush in the boxing day sales this year?

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