Nothing gets me more excited for the season ahead than a new Lush release, and the Valentines range is one I always highly anticipate because I never fail to fall in love with the products.

When Lush dropped its’ 2018 Valentines range as pre-release online I knew I had to grab some goodies straight away! So whilst the range isn’t officially in store until the 12th of this month, I already have a selection of bath bombs and bubble bars to share with you today – how exciting!

First impressions

The Valentines range this year looks to be quite small with just a few key pieces; nothing overwhelming. I actually quite like the small, curated aspect of this range because it means I have the chance to try everything in it without massively blowing my budget. My only slight criticism is that there is just one shower cream – and it’s a Naked one. I don’t want to bash Naked as I think it’s fantastic idea…it’s just maybe not for me, so I’ll be missing out on that one. I would have liked there to have been an alternative gel/cream option, and ideally in around two different scents. That said I think there is good mix of old and new this year with firm favourites ‘Unicorn Horn’ and ‘Rose Bombshell’ returning whilst exciting new products such as ‘Love Boat’ make their debut.

I didn’t buy everything in the range (but hope to give it all a go at some point) but instead picked out a nice selection. Let’s get stuck in…

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Unicorn Horn bubble bar £4.50

Every year without fail I stock up on Unicorn Horn. It’s a beautiful lavender-scented bubble bar with the most gorgeous design. This year the Unicorn Horn looks a little different. Previous years have seen it embellished with stars and lustre or in lovely muted pastel shades but this year it’s gone a bit bolder and brighter. I do think I prefer the pastel version, but nonetheless I am so happy and excited to see one of my favourite bubble bars return once more!

This product contains lavender oil, neroli oil and ylang ylang oil which gives it a very floral scent. It’s not too dissimilar to the ‘Twilight’ scent however I find it to be a little less ‘sweet’ and a bit more muted. In the tub it creates huge mounds of soft bubbles making it the perfect before bedtime treat.

Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

Rose Bombshell bath bomb £4.50

Rose bombshell is another Valentines day favourite for me so I was happy to see it return once again. This bath bomb contains rose oil, rose absolute, geranium oil and real yellow rose petals at its’ centre. The overarching scent of this product is, as you may have guessed, rose – but it’s quite a unique rose in that it’s also very sweet and powdery. In the bath this bomb fizzes away to reveal a striking blue centre and releases gorgeous rose petals in to the water to create what feels like a very decadent bathing experience.

Lush Love Boat Bath Bomb

Love Boat bath bomb £4.25

New to 2018 is Love Boat. The first thing I noticed about this product was the absolutely adorable design; shaped like a mini boat this bath bomb is certainly a unique and standout product in the range. It contains Sicilian lemon oil, organic sweet orange oil and rose oil. From that description I expected it to smell quite citrusy but I was completely wrong! This bath bomb does in fact smell exactly like sweets – it is amazing! I haven’t tried it out in the tub yet (although I absolutely cannot wait to) but already this is my favourite scent from the whole range this year and I know that when in drops in store I will be there to stock up on it!

Lush Height of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt

Heart of Enlightened Expectation bubble bar Melt £4.50

Lush haven’t released a bubble bar melt before (that I know of) so I was quite excited to see how this product would work. The description online says to use it in the way you would a normal bubble bar – so crumbling it under a tap- but that the ‘melt’ part creates really softening water/bubbles. It contains jasmine absolute, rose absolute, geranium oil and fair trade cocoa butter. To me the scent is quite florally but also muted. Perhaps because this product was boxed with more over-powering scents this one was lost on me a little, but from the description I am excited to give it a go.

Lush Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon

Whole Lotta Love bubbleroon £4.75

The Whole Lotta Love bubbleroon is another new product for 2018. The design is absolutely a gorgeous – a pinky red heart with a golden centre. It contains lemongrass oil, rose absolute, organic shea butter and murumuru butter to create a sweet and floral scent. I haven’t tried it out yet, but you use a bubbleroon in much the same way you use a bubble bar- by crumbling under a running tap to create lots of bubbles.

Lush Cherryish Body Scrub

Cherryish body scrub £7.95

Yet another new product for 2018, Cherryish is a body scrub that smells absolutely divine. I am a big fan of Lush body scrubs as I find them to be so moisturising and great for the skin – so although £7.95 is maybe a little pricey, I’ve no doubt this product is going to become a firm favourite. It contains ground cherry stones, almond essential oil, cocoa absolute and extra virgin coconut oil – and yes, it does smell as good as its’ ingredients list sounds! This body scrub smells exactly like chocolate cherries- good enough to eat!

Lush Cherry Baby Knot Wrap

Cherry Baby Knot Wrap £3.95

And finally I picked up this incredible knot wrap. It’s quite a small wrap measuring just 50 x 50cm but it’s gorgeous. The design features red, pink and purple cherries and hearts in a vintage-inspired style. I always like to grab the knot wraps as they are great for taking blog photos with!

So that’s everything I grabbed in my first haul. Have you tried anything from the range yet? Let me know what you’re most excited for in the range!

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