It’s been a few weeks since I last blogged.

Without realising it, I think I had become a bit disheartened with it all, as is not too uncommon a feeling for me. My lack of motivation combined with my low mood led to my writing and photography hiatus – it wasn’t intentional, but I can’t say I actively fought with the apathy. If you’re a creative in any sense of the word, you’ll be familiar with the feeling i’m describing.

It passes.

On Sunday I woke up to sunshine streaming through the windows and a beautiful blue sky. After weeks of rain, wind and grey it was a welcome change – I could feel my spirits lifting. Sometimes you underestimate the impact that something as trivial as the weather can have on your emotions and general well-being.

Not wanting to waste a moment of sunshine, we decided to head to The Lodge for some much needed fresh air and, feeling inspired once more, I grabbed my camera.


At The Lodge the air was crisp and cool and filled with bird-song; the feeders were well-stocked and a hive of activity. We spotted a small flock of Bramblings – a smallish finch not too dissimilar to a chaffinch. Neither of us had ever seen a Brambling before, so were both pleasantly surprised.


We decided to take a trail we hadn’t before, and ended up walking through woodland and around the quarry. The trail itself was well marked out, with lots of steps carved in to the peaks and troughs. We followed the trail through to its’ end – the gardens.



In the gardens Snowdrops had begun to make an appearance. For me these pretty flowers signal that Spring is just around the corner. And whilst the daffodil buds were still tightly closed against the chill, all sorts of flowers had started to tentatively bloom, bringing a splash of colour to the otherwise skeletal trees, bushes and branches.

8 Flowers

We walked for an hour in the sunshine and it did wonders for my mood.

Feeling serene and on our way out of The Lodge we stopped to listen to a beautiful robin sing. So friendly was this little bird that he/she let me get very close to take some photographs! Robins are my absolute favourite bird and so I was very happy to get the shots that I did.




We made a quick stop at the Supermarket on the way home to pick up some lunch. I grabbed a bouquet of tulips to brighten the house with. Since the Supermarkets started selling bunches of daffodils I have been buying them to decorate the kitchen with as much as possible. During spells of low mood I find they help keep my home a positive haven and do much to lift my spirits and remind me that better times are just ahead.


Feeling much brighter I decided to use the remaining slice of sunshine as an excuse to get out in to the garden and plant my bulbs. Yes, it was definitely a little early for it but, with the limited free time I have I like to make the most of it!

By the time I had finished digging in a border and planting all the bulbs and seeds a slow drizzly rain had set in. Rewarding myself for my hard work I run a hot bubble bath and soaked my aching muscles.


It was the perfect Sunday; so relaxing, enjoyable and mood-lifting. I’m not usually one for Sundays (I tend to spend the day in an anxiety-induced state worrying over Monday) so it was really nice for me to actually take back and enjoy the day.

I’m definitely going to make more time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Are you looking forward to Spring?

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