It has been awhile now since I had a nose around a vintage/antiques fair. The last event I attended was back in December- you can read about my visit to Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, Cambridge here.

Anyway, as I was scrolling through ‘what’s on St Neots’ lists online, I came across an event for an Antiques Fair being held a town over in Biggleswade. Not really knowing what to expect I figured I would give it a go – I’m so glad that we did as it was absolutely amazing!

Today I thought I would share with you a few of the wonderful pieces I picked up, as well as give you some info on the fair. It’s held monthly so is well worth a visit if you’re in the area!

The Biggleswade Antiques Fair is held in The Weatherly Centre, situated within the grounds of a school. The hall itself is not overly large, but is host to 45 stalls selling vintage and antique books, furniture, curios, toys, ornaments and more. Naturally I dressed for the occasion with the gorgeous vintage necklace I’d picked up at my last event and the sparkly fox brooch (from a sample sale) that always seems to garner compliments.

We arrived at the fair just before ten – entrance was just £1.50 each, although it usually is £2. I chalked this discount up to the miserable weather and possible lack of attendees (snow was still thinly coating the ground outside.) Whilst the fair was not completely bustling it had a nice vibe to it. You could take a leisurely stroll around the stalls without being pushed or barged or without feeling like you were getting in the way -something which I always appreciate.


I want to apologise in advance, because I wasn’t able to get very many photographs of the hall or the stalls. The vendors all seemed perfectly polite and pleasant, but I felt a little awkward taking snaps (in hindsight I probably should have just asked!)

Anyway, the thing that most struck me about this antiques fair was the sheer variety of goods for sale. There were lots of beautiful gold pendants, intricately carved cameos and rings with stones of every colour under the sun. On one stall there were vintage puppets made of wood and tiny dolls with blinking eyes; on another were china and ceramic ornaments of deer, birds and wildlife. Each stall seemed to be in competition with the last and I found myself peering in to glass case after glass case in fascination.


Another thing to note about the fair was the prices. Everything was really reasonably priced making it accessible for almost anyone to attend and to come away with a little treasure. I did wish it wasn’t so close to payday for me however, as if I’d been a little better of I would have homed this gorgeous heart-shaped cameo with faux pearl beading that was priced at £30. I love cameos but have never seen one in such an unusual and pretty shape before. If it’s there at the next event I may just have to snag it!


All in all we walked around the stalls for a little over an hour. It was incredibly hard for me to make my choices and pick what I wanted most of all but of course, I’m happy what I came away with.


The first thing that caught my eye was this gorgeous watch in a brass/gold case. It kind of reminded me of something from a fantasy book/world and so I had to nab it. It’s not working at all, and of course it is essentially just ‘junk’ but it’s so beautiful I couldn’t pass it up – I know it will look great in my home as a decorative piece!



And at just £2 I think it’s a real bargain too!

The next thing I picked up was this cute little cameo brooch/pendant for my mum. I adore cameos and have a few myself, but decided to look for one for my mum as my dad recently bought her a beautiful gold chain and, as of the moment, she hasn’t got a pendant for it.

Vintage fairs are always rife with cameos and I found some that were truly beautiful. There was a particularly nice 9k gold cameo that I really wanted to buy but at £60 it was out of my price range. Still, I think this little number wasn’t bad for the measly £5 I paid! Hopefully my mum likes it, but if not I’m sure it can find a home with me!


And lastly I picked up two pieces of jewellery from a stall with this really lovely woman who offered me a deal without me even having to ask (thank you!) I decided to go for one ‘vintage’ piece and one ‘modern’ piece. For some reason I always come away with modern jewellery at vintage fairs – but once you see it you’ll understand why!

The first piece is this absolutely stunning yellow glass brooch. I love glass brooches and have a couple now but yellow glass is my absolute favourite. It has a few small scratches on it but they do not detract from the overall design and appearance in my eyes. I love this brooch so much and think it is probably my favourite piece from the whole day.


It was originally priced at £12 but she gave me this and the second piece for £15 all in which I thought was very generous of her!


This brings me on to the second piece that I got from that stall – which is this super cute acrylic/lucite (I honestly can’t tell) bakewell tart brooch from Ruby Roux. Now I’ve done a little research on it, I’m not sure how modern it really is – but I can’t find a lot of information on Ruby Roux online so – if you know anything about this brooch please leave a comment for me! It was originally priced at £9 but as I say, combined with the above brooch it was £15.

It’s super cute and fun, I love it!


So that’s everything I picked up! I had a wonderful day and will most definitely be attending the next one (and who knows, maybe I’ll work up some courage to ask the stall holders if I can take a few cheeky snaps!)

Have you been vintage shopping lately?

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