Spring is finally here and I have been enjoying it as much as I can; walks down blossom-lined streets, long days spent outside in the sunshine and even the odd BBQ thrown in for good measure.

The past few weeks have felt really good – productive and positive. But I have been so busy I’ve barely had a moment to stop and reflect on it all – and as a result I’ve been blogging much less than I usually would. Today I thought I’d post some all-important life updates and just check in with where I’m at. So grab a cup of tea and your favourite snack – I have so much to share with you!


On the first of this month I finally – after years of hard work- passed my driving test. It  feels so surreal to me that I am legally qualified to drive a car! I have been taking it easy for the most part, doing short solo journeys to try and build up my confidence. But I did actually manage to drive the 76 miles to my parents house! (Albeit following Gareth’s car in front) It still feels like such a massive and scary thing but, with every single drive I am feeling more positive and capable. The road (excuse the pun!) to this moment has been so long and filled with bumps – there were times I thought I would never pass or be able to do this. But I perserved and I’m so proud of myself. I’ll be honest, I’m definitely not a natural and whenever I feel I’m not good at something, I usually just give up. I think this is the first time I’ve ever stuck to anything I’ve really sucked at and finally succeeded. I guess it just goes to show you that if you want something that badly, you can’t give up. I think for me this is one of the biggest and best achievements of my life!

And speaking of life goals, another one was crossed off when we finally built our aviary!


When we moved to St Neots last year, one of the main goals was to build an aviary in the garden. In fact as we looked around the various houses for sale, each garden was carefully critiqued for size – it had to be big enough to accommodate an aviary!

Those who know me will tell you it’s pretty obvious why I wanted this so much – asides from the fact we have twenty odd birds, I’ve longed to have an aviary ever since I was little and obsessed with my grandads one. I still have such fond memories of sitting outside in their wonderful garden and watching the canaries and finches zooming about in the aviary my grandad built. I think he and I are really similar in a lot of ways and he (and my dad!) definitely gave me my love and fascination of birds. So building our own aviary was a huge moment for me – and Gareth too as I’ve definitely passed the love for feathered friends on.




We have four canaries living in there at the moment which we got from someone else’s aviary. Our finches will be moving in when it’s warmer so they can better acclimatise to a life outdoors. We still need to find a bunch of branches, get some more nest boxes and just neaten it up a little but it looks great. We built it around an existing bush to provide the birds with some natural foliage and the canaries just love to hide in there!

I will definitely be writing a post or two on the aviary come the Summer and maybe give you all a little tour. It’s not massive – around 10ft by 6ft I believe – but it’s a thing of beauty!

In other news, I decided to completely rebrand my Etsy shop and have started work on new items. It’s had a name change – from Pretty Little Finch to Daisy And Sparrow. The main reason for this was that I wanted to separate it from my blog. The two are completely different things and it felt confusing and muddled for them to share the same name.

I’ve also just started working with acrylic and have had this beautiful strawberry brooch created! It took me hours to assemble because all of the pieces are so small but I completely love it and hope my customers will too when I list it! My renewed motivation means there is more to come for Daisy And Sparrow so please keep your eyes peeled and feel free to follow my business Instagram @daisy_and_sparrow.


And finally the other big piece of news I wanted to share was that I have recently joined Slimming World! At two weeks in I lost a whopping eight pounds – that’s just over half a stone guys! Not bad going for two weeks. I’m really loving it and the freedom it gives me. I’m also eating a lot healthier and in many ways do feel like I have more energy which is always a positive.

I know people are quite divided when it comes to diets/weight loss or even lifestyle changes so I’m not really sure how much detail I should go in to about it here. That said if you’d like to read more about my journey (maybe a food diary for the week, some recipes or even just my thoughts on Slimming World) please let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

So that’s it from me – if it sounds like I’ve been busy then you’re right – I have! Juggling life with work can be tough at times but I’m feeling positive. I have a lot of exciting things to look forward to also, so hopefully I can get back in to the swing of blogging about them!

What posts would you like to read on Pretty Little Finch?


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