We’ve been living in our house for around eight months now and in that time have been working hard to get it feeling more homely. The great thing about owning versus renting is that you can do pretty much whatever you want decoration-wise so before we’d even moved in we’d hung up the wallpaper to give the place more character.

I’m really in to home decor and love having a virtual snoop around other peoples homes so today I thought I’d share some of my favourite nooks and knick knacks around my own home. 

Living Room

Of all the rooms in our house I would say the living room is the most ‘themed’. It’s not a very large space and presently our cabinets are making it look a little cluttered but overall I really like what we’ve done with it.

We decided to give it quite a homely, English heritage-inspired feel with plenty of plaid and pheasant-printed cushions on a chocolate leather sofa. Our fixtures (light shade, curtain pole etc) are all a really warm copper and our curtains are a soft brown suede.

Our feature wall is wall-papered with a gorgeous bronze coloured paper that has glitter in which sparkles in the light. We have a lot of nature-inspired knick knacks too with woodland-critters featuring heavily on windowsills, shelves and book cases.

We like having stuff on the walls so our living room has quite a few framed prints, photos and bric-a-brac. On our plain wall we have some large framed photos – a deer and a robin. These photos were both taken by me and are images that I’m really proud of.

We also have a little hedgehog canvas given to us by my mum as a moving in gift – a gorgeous mustard yellow deer plate and a couple other pieces by the stairs (I’ll get on to those in a minute!) My aunt recently gifted us some amazing vintage plates with animals on, and I’m looking to hang those up soon too.

By the stairs we have framed photos of our beloved quails that are no longer with us -Omelette and Noodle. We’ve also framed a couple of their feathers alongside the images. The print below is a vintage field guide illustration of some mushrooms which we picked up at a local charity shop. We still have quite a few of these vintage illustration prints that we need to sort through and find homes for! The stairs are a really handy feature to have in our front room and we often find ourselves sitting on them (the carpet is soft so it makes for a cosy little nook!) especially when we have guests over.

One of the most striking features of our living room is this huge heart shelf my mum gifted to me one Christmas. It’s a really great piece and fits in lots of the smaller knick knacks we collect. Currently it’s home to some huge pinecones we bought back from a caravan holiday in Dorset (we go a few times a year because Gareth’s parents have a static caravan down there) some weird ball of…fuzz…that I plucked out of the sea in Spain, shells and wooden/ceramic birds that we’ve picked up from various markets, trips and adventures.


Of all the rooms in our house the bedroom is probably the room I spend the most time in as I just find it a really relaxing space to hang out. We wanted it to have a relaxed/romantic vintage feel and to be a bit less cluttered than other rooms – although inevitably I’ve already cluttered it up with all my collections!

Anyway, I think it’s really pretty with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and muted lilac wallpaper.

One of my favourite pieces in the bedroom is this gold framed mirror that hangs from a chain. It looks really retro and elegant – you would never believe that it cost a mere £8 from Sainsbury in the sale!


Either side of the mirror we have two prints we purchased on a trip to paris. One of a Goldfinch and one a Great Tit – these were actually painted by an artist who had a little stall/set up in Galleries Lafayette. We’ve framed them in these gorgeous gold burst frames and every time I look at them I am reminded of that amazing trip.


The bed is another favourite feature of mine, and not just because it’s so comfy, but it also looks really nice too (handy when it takes up a lot of space!) It has a white metal frame with brushed gold metal detailing – although in this picture it looks more on the silver side. We’ve wrapped fairy lights around the frame for a pretty finish.


And of course the bedroom is where I keep all of my collections and cute stuff (see this post if you’re interested in reading more about them.) Because my collections are vintage or vintage-inspired I feel they fit in with the room fairly nicely and are an interesting focal point.


I have a tall glass cabinet that’s home to all of my Blythe Dolls and my favourite Sonny Angels. Eventually I’d like to move my wardrobe to the spare bedroom (was bird room) and get another glass cabinet to display my full collection.



Our bathroom is pretty modern and a space that I really love. Our bathtub definitely has to be my favourite feature though as it is L-Shaped and really large/deep – I practically live in the bathtub so this is handy! I also have a set of shelves in there completely dedicated to my Lush stash!


The Garden

Obviously the main feature of our garden is the aviary (which you can read all about here!) The garden isn’t huge but it’s a good size and it’s home to all of our birds and some of our quails. We’ve planted flowers out there and have lots of things growing in pots and tubs. It’s a really relaxing space and since it has become warmer we find ourselves out there more and more. We really enjoying having a BBQ out there or taking our breakfast outside in the mornings.


So that’s a brief overview of our home and some of my favourite pieces in it. If you’d like to see a full house tour please let me know! I’m never quite sure if others are as interested in this sort of thing as I am, but it’s really fun to write about! And of course, please feel free to share your own home tours and drop the links below!

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