When the Lush Kitchen closed its doors back in October I was a little bit heartbroken – better off financially yes, but heartbroken all the same.

You see, the Friday menu releases and the ensuing packages in the post that followed were oftentimes the highlights of my week, and without them my life has felt a teeny bit less exciting (and less gorgeously scented).

Lush Labs is in full swing now but I have to say, for me it has been a slow start; I haven’t yet purchased any of the exclusives simply because none of them have appealed to me in the way Lush Kitchen products did. That’s why, when the Lush Kitchen announced it would be releasing seven (one-off) exclusive shower gels I was probably more excited than is generally considered acceptable.

I was lucky enough to grab four of these exclusive shower gels so today I thought it would be fun (and a bit throw-back) to share my haul with you!

The seven shower gels released were: American Cream, Avocado Wash, Calacas, Flying Fox, Grass, Karma and Sultana. Scent-wise these shower gels are all cult-favourites among seasoned Lushies so this release really felt like an acknowledgement of Lush’s fan base and their wants.

If I’d had more money at the time I definitely would have grabbed more than the four bottles but I’m happy with what I got. I picked Calacas (a firm favourite of mine!) Avocado Wash (a brand new shower gel in a scent that I adore), Sultana (ditto!) and American Cream.

Lush Cosmetics exclusive shower gels

Sultana £11.95 for 275g

The first gel I picked up was Sultana. This is an old-scent but the shower gel format is completely new for Lush. Fans of the now discontinued Blackberry bath bomb or Sultana of Soap will adore this shower gel because all three products share the same scent.

It’s hard to do this shower gel justice but for me it smells fruity, definitely berry-like but warm. It’s kind of like The Comforter’s older cousin. It’s a fruity, berry smell but not so much sweet and bubblegum as many of the ‘fruit’ Lush products are – it’s more mature than that. It contains apricot infusion, currant infusion, cranberry infusion, olibanum oil and bergamot oil. It’s quite a thin gel but it lathers up really nicely and is incredibly softening on the skin -I found that the scent also lingered for a long time after I’d left the shower. This was the surprise favourite from my haul and I really wish I had been able to grab a few more bottles as it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Lush Cosmetics Sultana Shower Gel

American Cream £12.95 for 275g

I was keen to pick up a bottle of American Cream shower gel having previously been a fan of the hair conditioner of the same name.

It’s another fruity shower gel but this one is much sweeter than the last smelling predominantly of strawberries and frequently likened to a strawberry milkshake. It contains vanilla absolute, fresh strawberry juice, fresh orange juice, benzoin resinoid and lavender oil. This is also a thin gel that lathers up really well.

Lush Cosmetics American Cream Shower Gel

Avocado Wash £11.95 for 275g

When Lush announced Avocado Wash would be released I wasn’t alone in my excitement. The scent already existed in the format of Avocado Co Wash (a soap-like product that can be used for washing and conditioning your hair) but had never been created as a shower gel (or anything else, for that matter!). But the scent really is completely beautiful – fruity, creamy and edible- personally I smell a lime that’s really reminiscent of sweets.

Avocado Wash contains avocado, olibanum oil and bergamot oil. Again this is a thin shower gel that lathers up well.

Lush Cosmetics Avocado Wash Shower Gel

Calacas £12.95 for 275g

Calacas is an old favourite of mine – I still had half a bottle left over from the last Lush Kitchen release but knew I needed a fresh new one because it’s so yummy.

As this scent is generally released around Halloween time (Calavera bath bomb, Monsters Ball bath bomb and Skullduggery ballistic) it always makes me think of Autumn. It’s a fresh, fruity smell -heavily scented with lime (it smells exactly like a bag of sweeties!) Calacas is definitely one of my favourite shower gels and scent families. It contains neroli oil, aloe vera gel and lime oil. This one is a little thicker than the previous shower gels but lathers up well and the scent lingers on the skin which is lovely.

Lush Cosmetics Calacas Shower Gel

So that’s everything I picked up! It was so exciting to receive these in the post, just like old times.  I’m really happy with the four shower gels I chose – some of which are still on the website right now. Check out the Lush website to grab your own!

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