Every year as September rolls around I begin to eagerly anticipate the Lush Halloween range; the glittery pumpkin-shaped bubble bars and ghoulish bath bombs that appear in stores as the spooky season descends upon us.

This year I didn’t have long to wait, with the range dropping much earlier than previous years. Naturally I was in my local Lush, scooping up all the bath-time treats on the day of their release. And truth be told, what better way to kick start the season than with a big ole Lush haul?

If you’re a fan of Lush or have been following this blog for some time, you’ll spot some obvious absences in this haul. The 2018 release was brutal to old favourites like Pumpkin bath bomb and last years pink pumpkin. Whilst I feel positively sad to see my old friend the Pumpkin bath bomb knocked off the line-up, I’m happy to report that my all time favourite Lush product is hanging on in there for another year (yay for sparkly pumpkin!) and the new for 2018 products are seriously amazing.

If you’d like to read about my previous hauls and make some comparisons you can find the 2016 post here and the 2017 version here!

Eyeball bath bomb, £4.95

In the lead up to the launch I spent hours browsing Instagram for Halloween leaks and sneak peeks. The Eyeball bath bomb was one of the first new products I discovered and even without knowing the ingredients list I felt really excited for it. I absolutely love the quirky eyeball design and feel it’s so perfect for a spooky Halloween bath!

This bath bomb contains Brazilian orange oil, rose absolute, ylang ylang and lavender oil. From that ingredients list you might expect this bath bomb to be very heavily floral scented and, whilst the floral notes do come through the bath bomb is not overpowering at all. It’s a very subtle, clean type of scent and reminds me somewhat of fresh linen/cotton. This for me was very pleasantly surprising – I find the scent absolutely beautiful! It produces gorgeous orange water too which is a nice bonus. In this haul I picked up two Eyeballs but I will be stocking up on these before the season is out (and praying they’ll be returning next year too!)




Ghost In The Dark Soap £5.95

Normally I avoid picking up the soaps from the Lush seasonal releases because whilst they smell amazing and tend to be great value for money, they last absolutely ages and I have a huge stockpile of soap I still need to get through! However, I had to make an exception for this cute little smiling ghost!

Crafted in to the shape of a friendly ghoul, this soap actually glows in the dark which is pretty amazing, don’t you think? Perfect for nighttime hand-washing! It contains bergamot oil, fair trade cocoa butter and lemongrass oil. The lemongrass oil is the predominant scent here – this soap smells positively citrusy! I know us Lushies are constantly complaining about the citrus overload at Lush but I actually feel it’s really nice in this format, and leaves hands feeling squeaky clean which is what you want from a soap when all is said and done.



Ectoplasm shower cream (scream) £5.50 for 110g

I think we all breathed a sigh of relief to see that Lush was once again releasing the seasonal liquid shower gels/creams alongside their solid counterparts. Although the Ectoplasm scent divides Lushies, I’m secretly quite pleased to get my hands on something shiny and new.

Whilst Ectoplasm as a scent is not new for Lush –  the shower cream format is. Ectoplasm as a scent actually made its debut last year in the form of a jelly bomb (the first of its kind.) That jelly bomb had a lot of mixed reviews but I think it’s fair to say that the scent is really nice albeit not the most complex.

Ectoplasm shower cream contains tangerine water, tangerine oil, fresh grapefruit juice and almond oil. The predominant scent is tangerine, which makes the shower cream really zesty and ideal for showers in the morning.




Ectoplasm jelly bomb, £5.25

And of course you can’t have Ectoplasm shower cream without the product that started it all – Ectoplasm jelly bomb. Personally I’m not a fan of jelly bombs as I find the gooey consistency a bit off-putting and kinda difficult to scrub off the tub. But for the occasional novelty soak, why not?

Ectoplasm jelly bomb contains grapefruit oil, tangerine oil and litsea cubeba oil – and just like its shower cream counterpart, smells zesty and uplifting. As the name suggests it produces a jelly-like…slime…that makes the water thick and gooey. To be fair to the product, it’s really great for moisturising the skin and the purple hue it turns the water is really pretty. If you have children I highly suggest grabbing multiples of this jelly bomb because Ectoplasm is not only a fun Halloween treat but I’m certain it will encourage even the most stubborn of bathers to hop in the bath – what kid could resist bathing in slime after all?



Lord of Misrule bath bomb, £4.25

The LOM scent is very popular among seasoned Lushies but, for me it’s one of those take it or leave it types. Last year I left it, so this year I decided to give it another go and take it – it’s actually much nicer than I remembered.

Containing patchouli oil, black pepper oil, vanilla absolute and popping candy, you’d be forgiven for presuming that this bomb smells terrible (sorry LOM fans!) But it’s actually quite sweet smelling, with just a hint of spice. It’s certainly not as sweet as products such as Snow Fairy or Rose Jam but the vanilla makes itself known and rounds the scent off quite nicely.  One of the great things about LOM bath bomb is the bath art it produces – swirls of bright green with splashes of pink and black emerging as it dissolves. And of course it contains popping candy which is always fun!



Bewitched bubble bar, £4.95

Everyone’s favourite black cat returns for 2018 – Bewitched is back for a second year and it’s every bit as gorgeous as I remember it (even if the price has increased by a whole 70p.)

This cute bubble bar is shaped like an inquisitive black cat, every witches best friend. Containing olibanum oil, bergamot oil and perfume, this bubble bar is fruity, sweet and smells heavily of blackberries. It also creates mounds and mounds of bubbles plus black water which is basically what you want from a goth-themed bath, isn’t it?



Monsters Ball bath bomb, £4.95

Monsters ball is another returning product for 2018 and one of my favourites from the range. Sharing its scent with the Calacas family and shaped like a Monsters Inc reject, this cute little guy is an essential in any Lush Halloween haul.

Again this has increased in price from last year (by 45p) which I feel is a little sad, however this bath bomb is such a great product that I don’t mind too much – you get what you pay for after all. As I mentioned earlier, this bath bomb is part of the Calacas scent family – for those not in the know it smells zesty and fruity – like a bag of sweets!

It contains lime oil, neroli oil and olibanum oil and turns water a beautiful bright purple-pink shade.



Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar, £4.75

When I saw that Sparkly Pumpkin was returning for another year, I breathed a sigh of relief and promptly ran myself a big bubble bath using one from last years stash. Yes, that’s how much I love the product – I make sure to stock up during the Autumn months so that I can have Sparkly Pumpkin baths all year round – albeit sparingly.

Anyway, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar is my all time favourite Lush product and I have been buying it and using it for years on end now (the day they discontinue it is the day my heart shatters in to a thousand glitter-less pieces.) This has also had a price increase (of 50p) which again, is sad but again, won’t stop me from bulk buying it.

Shaped like a cute little pumpkin with a cinnamon stick stalk and brushed with golden glitter, this bubble bar contains juniperberry oil, lime oil and grapefruit oil. This scent is one of my all-time favourites from Lush and is so under-appreciated it astounds me. I find it quite difficult to describe Sparkly Pumpkin but it’s very sweet smelling in a fruity kind of way. It produces mountains of soft bubbles and leaves the water bright orange with specks of swirling glitter. For me this bubble bar is just so relaxing and perfect for those chilly Autumnal evenings.



Bat Bag knot wrap, £4.95

And last but not least, I picked up a knot wrap! Every year I grab a knot wrap from the Lush Halloween collection – mostly I use them for photo backdrops but I do have visions of using them in my hair one day, maybe, if I get good at doing stuff with my hair that is.

This one is absolutely gorgeous with neon orange bats printed against a deep blue background. I love bats so think this knot wrap is really fun! I also desperately want the Fangs knot wrap but so far have been unable to find one in store. Hopefully in a couple of weeks they’ll be more readily available and I can pick one up then.



So that is everything I picked up from this years Lush Halloween 2018 range! I will be stocking up on my favourites as the weeks go by and enjoying many spooky-themed baths. Have you tried anything from the range yet? And if so, what is your favourite product this year?

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  1. I was so upset about the pumpkin bath bomb, that one was my favourite. 😭 But everything else looks and smells amazing! I can’t wait to use the ghost soap and eyeball bath bomb 😁 Also I got the Lord of Misrule shower cream on their website the day the Halloween range was out, I just checked the site and it’s still there, maybe it just wasn’t in store for some weird reason? 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • You’re totally right, it’s there! So strange – I was told in store it wasn’t around this year!! But they might have meant it won’t be in the physical shops. I shall amend my post today and double check with my local Lush, thanks for the heads up! Xx

  2. Happy to see two of my favourites back again this year – the monster ball and the sparkly pumpkin. 🎃 I really love the look of the eye ball! I can’t wait to try it out along with the ghost soap.

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