As a self-confessed bath bomb addict and bubble-bath dweller, I’m always on the look out for new bath-time treats. Living in the UK I’m lucky enough to have access to my all-time favourite store – Lush. Lush has amazing products and for that reason all of my bath bombs, shower gels, scrubs and shampoos come almost exclusively from there and I feel quite content with that. But there’s one store I have always desperately wanted to buy and try products from, and it’s one we definitely don’t have here in the UK – Bath and Body Works.

Up until very recently I have only been able to browse the Bath and Body Works website longingly, adding products to a basket I can never check out with before exiting the site and buying a consolation bath bomb from Lush. That was until a fellow blogger on Instagram pointed me in the direction of a very special Facebook group…



This person very kindly informed me of a group on Facebook where you can buy Bath and Body Work products – she explained the group was run by an air hostess who was frequently in America but lived in the UK. The woman would buy products from American stores then bring them back to the UK, all for a very small additional fee.

Needless to say I joined that group very promptly! I actually put in two separate orders as I wanted to test the quality of the products and the scents first before committing to a bigger haul, but for the sake of this post I’ve grouped them all together.


As someone who is very fond of “Pumpkin” scents I was really intrigued by the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte line of products. The shower gel and the shea were some of the first products I tried.

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Shower Gel

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a Bath and Body Works shower gel but, when I saw the packaging I fell in love. I don’t want to make comparisons to Lush as the two companies are vastly different but if we’re talking packaging alone Bath and Body Works wins hands down. With a gorgeous rose gold lid and Autumnal pumpkin and leaf printed label this product looks incredible, I almost feel bad using it!

The fragrance notes of this shower gel are pumpkin latte, toasted marshmallow, creamy sandalwood and praline musk. Scent-wise the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte line of products are very sweet, almost like a really sugary vanilla with just a hint of spice. The smell is absolutely beautiful and only gets better as it warms on the skin. Containing shea butter and Vitamin E this shower gel not only leaves you smelling like the epitome of Autumn but it also leaves your skin feeling super-soft and squeaky clean.



Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Ultra Shea Body Cream

Another product from the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte line, this shea body cream shares it scent and fragrance notes with the shower gel, but to me almost smells a little stronger. It contains coconut oil, aloe, shea and cocoa butters and has a really thick consistency. The bottle states it provides intense 24-hour moisture and I am inclined to agree- after using this product my skin felt noticeably smoother. The scent has a lot of staying power too, and I kept catching hints of it throughout the day which was really pleasant.



Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Fine Fragrance Mist

Having tried the shower gel and shea butter from The Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte scent family, I had to go back and grab a fragrance mist. There’s not too much to say on this that hasn’t already been said of the shower gel and body shea but, it’s a really gorgeous scent with great staying power. I’ll be honest, this is my favourite scent right now and if I could go around smelling like this 24/7 for the rest of my days I probably would.



Whipped Vanilla Spice Shower Gel

Having tried the MPL shower gel and fallen head over heels in love I was keen to expand my collection and so, in my second mini haul I picked up another Autumnal-inspired scent. Whipped Vanilla Spice shower gel has fragrance notes of whipped vanilla, ground cinnamon, creamy tonka and golden honey. I’m a big fan of anything with tonka in so suspected I would love this scent. I do enjoy the product but to me it doesn’t stand up to MPL and is for the most part rather average. I don’t really smell tonka but I do get the spice coming through. It’s surprisingly not as sweet as it sounds considering the whipped vanilla and golden honey. I do like the scent but for me it’s a little more ‘masculine’ than I personally would have hoped for – I’m a sucker for really sweet scents though!



Pocket Bacs

Luckily for me there was a really good deal on pocket bacs so I picked up five and snagged a free golden and glittery pocket bac holder. I also purchased a sparkly Halloween-themed bat pocket bac holder because it was too cute for me to leave behind and because basically, I have no self-restraint.

Warm Vanilla Sugar

I’m used to anti-bacterial gel smelling heavily of alcohol so was shocked upon first trying this product. When you first apply this gel to the hands you can smell the alcohol (albeit very faintly) but as your hands dry this aspect of the gel disappears entirely and what you’re left with is hands that smell intensely of cake. Since buying this gel it’s been on my person at all times – and I’ve even been complimented on it! A friend of mine so liked the scent that after using my pocket bac she went and bought her own – I personally think that’s the mark of a good product!

Werewolf Tears

I picked up Werewolf Tears without even thinking about the scent – I just love anything Halloween-themed. When I received it I discovered it was citrus-scented which I thought was a little bit boring and disappointing. But on first sniff I realised my presumptions were wrong – it is citrus-scented but it’s not at all lemon-y or similar in any way to cleaning product (as citrus scented cosmetics can sometimes tend to suffer from.) To me it smells of pineapple and lime – kind of similar to those pineapple cube sweets. It’s really lovely!

Creep It Real

Again, I picked up Creep It Real because of its Halloween-themed name and didn’t even glance at the scent. This pocket bac is Caramel Apple scented – although I don’t really feel it smells like caramel apples at all- it’s a bit of a weird one. It’s probably my least favourite of all the pocket bacs but it is still pleasant and a practical thing to have.



Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin pocket bac has quite a surprising scent. I can definitely smell the spice of cinnamon but there’s something else too – it’s quite zesty and reminds me somewhat of oranges. Another pleasant smell.

Pumpkin Cupcake

The last pocket bac I picked up was Pumpkin Cupcake – this to me smells very similar to the MPL scent, it’s gorgeously sweet and vanilla-ry – very true to its name!



So that’s everything I picked up from Bath and Body Works!

Overall I was seriously impressed with the products and the scents. I thought they might be a little more generic but they’re actually very unique and unlike anything I’ve smelt before. I will definitely be using the Facebook group to purchase more Bath and Body Works but now more than ever I am wishing a physical store would open in the UK! A girl can dream, eh?

Have you tried anything from Bath and Body Works? What are your favourite products and scents?

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  1. There’s a Facebook group where you can buy Bath and Body Works products in the UK?! 😮 I’ve never used their products or used them but have coveted them lol especially there Halloween ranges. I love the look and sound of the ones you picked out… I need to find that Facebook group!

    • Yes, it’s great fun! It’s called American Sweets and Treats in the UK – but I warn you it’s highly addictive! You should definitely give the products a go, they are such great quality! Wish we had a store in the UK! Xx

  2. I really like the look of the fragrance mist. You can just tell it’s going to smell amazing.

  3. Erm this haul is INCREDIBLE! I was about to get all sad because I thought you would live in America but what?! That group sounds so good! I’ve heard that Bath and Body works is bringing stores to the UK though, one of my friends saw them advertising for sales assistants online not so long ago – so keep your eyes peeled! ❤ ❤

  4. Oh my so jelly of this haul! Looks & sounds amazing! Some of these sound good enough to eat 😍 Bet you are constantly smelling of Autumnal goodness 🍂🍁 I to wish Bath & Bodyworks was over here 😭 xxxx

  5. That Facebook group is such a good idea! I’ve wanted to try Bath and Bodyworks products for so long! All the pumpkin scented things you got looked amazing, I love their packaging. I’m super jealous of this haul haha. X

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