I adore Autumn. The gorgeous burgundy, mustard and rust coloured leaves, the cool, crisp air, conkers in the trees and fields full of pumpkins.

And it’s a great time of the year to get crafting too. With the cold, dark evenings I find I’m much less likely to venture out of the house, instead preferring a cosy night in. What better way to keep occupied than with a craft project?

I combined my love of Autumn and crafting to sit down and create an Autumn wreath to celebrate the change of seasons and hang proudly on my front door. Here I will share with you how to create you own – it’s a fun activity to keep you occupied on a rainy day!


What you will need

Apart from the fabric leaves (which I purchased many moons ago from The Works) everything I used to create my Autumn wreath came from Hobbycraft. Of course you can use found objects from nature (such as pinecones and conkers.)

  1. Set of three glittery pumpkins £1.00
  2. Rattan grape vine wreath 20.3cm £2.50
  3. Assorted pinecones £3.00
  4. Pack of 3 red glitter flower picks £2.00
  5. All purpose glue 20ml £1.00
  6. Mixed fabric leaves

Step one

I started out by loosely arranging the leaves on the wreath to see where I wanted everything to go and what looked best. I found that layering the leaves over the top of each other and angling them in different directions gave the best effect.

Step two

Once I was happy with my leaf placements and had a rough idea of how I would style them I wove my flower picks in to the wreath at the bottom. As these are quite large and supposed to be one of the main features of my wreath they needed to go on first so the leaves could be glued down around them. Here I’ve used flower picks in place of a bow (but think a bow could work equally as well.)

Step three

Next I took the pumpkins and wove them in to the wreath, using their fabric ties to anchor them in place. I bought two sets of three pumpkins but didn’t end up using them all as they are fairly large and I didn’t want them to overwhelm the design.

Step four

Finally I glued the leaves down in place around the pumpkins and glittery flower picks, making sure to get a good variation of colours.

Step five

Once the leaves were down I added my final touches – the little pinecones. I stuck these over the top of the leaves using the multi purpose glue and so far they’ve stayed in place very well, even withstanding windy evenings! (For a secure fastening leave them to set overnight.)


Overall I’m quite happy with my finished design and feel it looks quite rustic and charming on the front door! The great thing about creating your own wreath is that you can add and take from it as you buy or find more accessories – it truly is customisable.


Are you crafting this Autumn? Share your craft projects in the comment section!

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    • Thank you so much! It’s a fun activity for an Autumn evening 🙂 Going to give your posts a read! xx

  1. Oh wow, this is gorgeous! Besides pumpkin carving I haven’t done or planned any Autumn themed crafts. But this has definitely inspired me.

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