During the Autumn and Winter months nothing makes me feel cosier than lighting candles – the warm glow and seasonal scents make home feel like a safe haven, protected from the wind and rain.

Every year in September I start my candle hunt in earnest. I love all the traditional ‘Autumnal’ type of scents – think cinnamon, gingerbread, toffee and pumpkin. And so whenever I’m in any kind of store that sells homewares, I keep my eyes peeled for candles that might tick the boxes. This year I managed to pick up some really lovely scents, so thought I would share them with you!


Essence Pumpkin Waffles Candle £3.99 from B&M

When it comes to candle shopping, B&M is always my first port of call. They tend to have a good selection at an even better price, and who can resist the Halloween aisle whilst there? The Pumpkin Waffles candle from Essence is my one of my ultimate favourites, and tends to be released each and every year (at least for the past few anyway.) It has a very sweet almost vanilla-ry smell, with just a hint of spice. With its rose gold lid it also looks very aesthetically pleasing!


Essence Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut Candle £3.99 from B&M

Another firm favourite and also from B&M is this Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut candle. This one has also been created by Essence and shares the same gorgeous rose gold lid design. It smells spicier than the previous candle, with Cinnamon being the main scent note. However when it’s burning the sweetness really comes through – it’s very much a traditional type of Autumn scent that reminds me of warm cookies and sugary bakes.


DW Home Wander Onward Pumpkin Bourbon Candle £2.99 from T.K Maxx

During the Autumn months a lot of variations on the pumpkin scent are released and I always try to get a good mix of them. Pumpkin Bourbon was not a scent that I had tried before but I was very impressed with it upon first sniff. This candle is very sweet, almost like a burnt caramel, with just a hint of that pumpkin spice. The scent is described as “creamy harvest pumpkin with butter infused sugar highlighted by rich bourbon accents and warm spice” – and I’m inclined to agree with that.  I love the tin design of this one although it’s a very small candle so I shouldn’t imagine it will last very long!


DW Home Stay Wild Maple Pumpkin Candle £4.99 from T.K Maxx

Another variation on the pumpkin scent, the Stay Wild candle is understandably very sweet due to its maple scent notes. If I’m being honest I’d say it’s pretty similar to the Pumpkin Bourbon (if not a tiny bit sweeter and less spicy.) But that’s okay because the Pumpkin Bourbon scent is lovely. This one is described as a “rich maple caramelized sugar and roasted plump harvest pumpkin combined with a hint of toasted nuts” – which is pretty accurate. It’s significantly larger than the previous and has a two wicks (which I prefer!) but also shares a similar tin design. Something to note about these candles is that they really look great displayed on a bookcase or shelf.


DW Home Woodsmoke Bourbon £12.99 and Woodfire Apple £7.99 Candles from Home Sense

Home Sense is another favourite haunt for me. I just love their huge selection of candles, glass pumpkins and Halloween goodies – I could honestly spend hours in there! Like T.K Maxx Home Sense stocks a range of DW Home candles but they seem to have slightly more variety.

We picked up the absolutely huge and fairly pricey Woodsmoke Bourbon which smells very spicy and musky with hints of cinnamon, and the slightly smaller but of the same design Woodfire Apple. Woodfire Apple shares that same musky scent but it’s a little fresher and sharper than the Woodsmoke Bourbon because the apple is a key note. Both of these candles have scents that I wouldn’t usually go for but I believe it’s good to switch it up from time to time and ‘smoky’ scents remind me very much of bonfire night and cold Autumnal evenings.


M of W.G Pumpkin Rum Candle £9.99 from Home Sense

The final candle in my haul is the Pumpkin Rum candle also from Home Sense. This is the candle we have been burning most so far and it’s been living happily in our bedroom. The scent is beautiful – very spicy, strong with heavy notes of cinnamon. The pay-out is really good also, as the smell manages to fill a whole room and linger for days.


So that’s everything I’ve picked up this year so far. I’m still on the look-out for some gingerbread scented candles to complete this years collections! Do you have any Autumnal candle suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I swear your descriptions always leave my mouth watering & the need to go shopping to sniff all the candles in this case! Spiced Apple & Pumpkin scents are also my fave this time of year. I have a soft spot for the sweet scents too so the caramel notes sounds amazing to me! ❤🍁🎃 xxx

  2. What a beautifully described set of products. I can practically smell them as I read your writing. You have such a talent for evocative writing.

  3. These sound delicious! We don’t have a B&M near us but I’ll definitely be checking out my local TK Maxx very soon. Thanks for sharing.

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