Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. I love any excuse to get dressed up and celebrate, but there’s something about the spooky-season that really appeals to me (probably all of the pumpkins everywhere!)

When I was a kid Trick or Treating wasn’t as big as it is today. I don’t think I ever went Trick or Treating at all – it was just something I read about or saw in the movies. But despite that my family and I always celebrated the day with home-cooked Halloween-themed dinners from my Mumchelle (sausage and mash can easily become fingers and brain…) and funny little games played out in the living room. And every single year without fail my mum would treat me to a couple of those fun Halloween Lucky Dip bags on the walk home from school. Even our local newsagents would get in on the action, with a Halloween display in the shop window. I have fond memories of popping in to buy a bag of crisps and coming away with plastic fangs and bats. I guess nostalgia plays a large part in why I love Halloween so much – it was just such a happy time for me!

Last year was our first Halloween in SNO. We celebrated the occasion with lots of lovely days out but, on the actual day we stayed in so that we could hand out sweets to the neighbour kids. I hadn’t done that before, and was surprised by just how many children paid us a visit! It made me feel really happy to see the children all dressed up like tiny skeletons and bats, smiles plastered to their faces and excited for the evening ahead. By the end of the night I had run out of sweets completely despite having started out with a huge bowl full.

This year I have decided that on the evening of Halloween I will stay indoors once again, handing out sweets and treats. But this year I’ve decided to make it a little more exciting and hand out goody bags! I thought I’d share what I put in mine in the hopes of inspiring others to hand them out too – it’s a super fun activity to sit and put them together and at the end of it you’ll make a small person very happy!

This year I planned ahead early. As soon as B&M started to put out their Halloween products I was rifling through the aisles and stocking up. No Halloween goody bag would be complete without sweets so I picked up strawberry flavour eyeball lollipops, Haribo Trick or Treat bags, mixed lollipops and chews plus some rather fun ‘Body Bits’ gummies -B&M has a lot of great deals on sweets and plenty of variety. The pound shop is another great place to buy themed sweets in bulk at a discount price. Having visited a well-stocked branch the other day I’m sure I will be going back to pick up some more sweets and fill up even more goody bags!

As I mentioned earlier, one of the highlights of Halloween for me as a child was picking up plastic bats and fangs from my local newsagents. I just knew I had to include some toys in my bags! Again B&M saved the day with bags filled with spooky pencil toppers, hanging skeletons, spider rings and of course, plastic bats! These were around a pound each so I picked up two and found this allowed me to put at least three things in each bag. I picked up a few packs of fangs from Wilkos at just 50p for five.


The Halloween party bags came from Hobbycraft and cost £1.50 for 20. I have since discovered you can also purchase similar bags from Poundland so again, I’ll probably pop in to store and pick up even more ahead of the big day. I managed to fill around 30 bags with my sweets and toys which I think is pretty good going. I still think I could do with a few more though, I’d hate to run out before the night is over!



If you want to create your own goody bags to hand out here are some top tips:

  1. Discount stores and pound shops are amazing for picking up sweets and toys cheaply and in bulk.
  2. Shop around! I bought most of my stuff from B&M because it was the store that first put out its Halloween display. However, if you want a good variety of sweets and toys it’s best to look around and buy bits from various places as every shop seems to have its own take on Halloween.
  3. Make sure to include toys as well as sweets to give the bags some variety. You could also include Halloween pencils, activity books and temporary tattoos.
  4. Make sure that you warn the parent there are small, non-edible parts in the goody bag. Most parents will want to check what is inside before they let their kids have the bag, but just in case they don’t a friendly warning won’t hurt.

Will you be handing out any goody bags this year? Let me know in the comments below!

4 Comments on Creating Halloween Goody Bags For Trick Or Treaters

  1. This is a great idea! It’ll give the children a really memorable night, I can only imagine how excited they’d be getting a goody bag. 😁 I might have to do this, this year.

    • Thanks so much! Yes I can’t wait to see their faces! Definitely give it a go, the pound shop is so good for doing it on a budget too 🙂

  2. This is such a great idea! Sadly we don’t have any trick or treaters come roubd anymore 🙁 we live in a very small village and all the kids have grown up now. If I ever move to a larger town this is something I’d do.

  3. I think this is such an amazingly thoughtful thing to do.
    The children who live near you are going to have such a lovely surprise. Just think, this will be part of their Halloween memory when they are older. How awesome is that.

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