If you have followed my blog for awhile you’ll know that I’m a bit of jewellery addict. I absolutely adore anything fun, quirky and themed – especially if it’s made from acrylic! My brooch collection is now pretty strong and I’m sure I have pieces to wear throughout Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas! (And all of the little occasions in between.)

Each Autumn I refresh my collection with a few new key pieces. Last year I wrote a post on the pieces I picked up here! Today I thought I’d share the brooches and necklaces I have added to the collection this year.

Sparkly Pumpkin Brooch from Kimchi and Coconut £25

Kimchi and Coconut have released some beautiful pieces this year and the Autumn line is no exception. I wanted everything but ended up settling for just a few key pieces! The first piece I just had to have was this gorgeous glittery pumpkin and leaves brooch. Pumpkins are such an iconic symbol of Autumn and I can’t wait to wear this throughout the season – particularly at the pumpkin patch!


Acorn Brooch from Kimchi and Coconut £15

The second piece I picked up was this beautiful acorn brooch. I love how it dangles down from some Autumnal-coloured leaves. I’ve already worn this out a few times and each time received compliments on it! I really wish Kimchi and Coconut would release a conker brooch in a similar design!


Toffee Apple Brooch from Kimchi and Coconut £18

Yet another brooch from Kimchi and Coconut (I promise not everything I bought was from K&C!) is this super-fun Toffee Apple brooch. It comes in two colourways and I found it really hard to pick between the two! I ended up settling for the green apple with red toffee as it most reminds me of the toffee apples I so enjoy each and every Autumn.


Glittery Squirrel Brooch from Kimchi and Coconut

This glittery squirrel brooch is a super-fun piece that looks great pinned to forest green cardigans and jumpers. It’s not currently for sale on the K&C site as it’s an older piece that has sold out. It’s new to me though as I just recently purchased it secondhand from an Instagram friend! I adore squirrels so this brooch is perfect for me.


Glittery Leaves Necklace Sample from Tatty Devine 

I absolutely adore Tatty Devine but due to the high price tags I don’t really own many of their designs – just this gorgeous sparkly leaves sample necklace and a really fun fried egg piece – both sent to me by my generous penpal! This necklace features two beautifully glittery leaves and hangs on a black chain. I absolutely adore this piece and will definitely get a lot of wear from it – I think it will look amazing when paired with my sparkly pumpkin brooch. As this is a necklace purchased at a sample sale, you can’t buy this exact piece online – however there are similar bits on their website right now (and the Autumn range is seriously drool-worthy.)


Shocked Pumpkin Brooch from You Make Me Design £18

Another pumpkin brooch in this years haul is this super-cute retro-inspired shocked pumpkin from You Make Me Design. I’ve been following YMMD over on Instagram for a few years now and each year the shocked pumpkin brooch is released and I always seem to miss out on it. This year I was determined not to let it pass me by and grabbed the newer, smaller version of the brooch. It combines three of the things I adore the most – pumpkins, Halloween and retro design. It’s also available as a necklace – I might grab that one next year!


Little Ghost Brooch from Asking for Trouble

This super-cute little ghost brooch comes from Etsy shop Asking for Trouble and was kindly gifted to me by my lovely penpal Emma (hence why I haven’t listed the price!) We exchanged Halloween treat boxes this year and as we both adore indie-made jewellery she packed my box with a couple of fun Halloween-themed pieces! I love the small size of this one as it means I can pair it with another brooch (probably my shocked pumpkin!) without it looking too overwhelming on my cardigan or jumper.


Acrylic Cat Brooch – unknown

Another piece gifted to me by my kind penpal is this acrylic cat silhouette necklace. It’s a simple design that will look great throughout October but which can also be worn at any time of the year. I’m not sure who made this but I’m sure a quick search of Etsy will yield results! I really like the non-fussy design of this one and think it will complement a brooch well, without making an outfit look too cluttered or over the top.


Vintage Inspired Pumpkin Bead Brooch from Viva La Lux

And the final piece in this little collection/haul is this vintage-inspired brooch from Viva La Lux. Viva La Lux creates 1950s reproduction lucite and bakelite jewellery – and this one was gifted to me by – you guessed it – my penpal! We send each other little boxes filled with goodies and as we’re both jewellery addicts a piece or two is always included. This brooch was from the Autumn themed box she sent me (yes it truly was as amazing as it sounds!) and perfectly combines my love of vintage, glitter and pumpkins! It’s also a really unique piece – I have nothing like this. I think it will look lovely pinned to a coat lapel when the weather cools.


Do you love junk jewellery? Leave your favourite Etsy shops below so I can check them out!

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  1. What a lovely post, I think my absolute favourite has to be the Sparkly Pumpkin (where have I heard that before?) but they are all such lovely and perfectly Halloween-y pieces. No wonder your brooch game is always strong!

  2. I think anyone who knows me will guess what my favourite piece is, yes that’s right the beautiful kitty cat! I also love to the shocked pumpkin. It is just too cute.

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