I am a firm believer that there is a Lush product for any and every occasion. Yes I’m a bit of a Lushie, but you probably already guessed that by now, didn’t you? For todays Blogtober post I thought I’d share with you my Lush Cosmetics Autumn essentials – products which I think are absolutely perfect for the season ahead!

Cinders & Hot Toddy Shower Gel

An Autumnal bubble bath is not complete with a bottle or two of cinnamon-scented shower gel. Yes, both Cinders and Hot Toddy may be Winter releases but both feature ingredients that make them so perfect for this time of year. Cinders contains organic pumpkin seed oil, cinnamon leaf oil, clove, ginger and nutmeg powder – it’s basically a pumpkin spiced latte in a bottle and it smells divine. It really does perfectly encapsulate the smell of Autumn for me, plus it’s orange – what’s not to love? Hot Toddy is a similar scent in my opinion – although perhaps a little spicier and sharper. It contains clove leaf oil, benzoin resinoid, cinnamon leaf oil, sweet orange oil – again all the scents you’d expect from an Autumnal shower gel. Sadly these are both limited edition products and as such are not at all easy to find (but if you hurry the Cinders is currently on site!) Lush tend to release similar products each year though, so there should always be a cinnamon-based shower gel to accompany you to the bath.


Vanillary Body Spray & I’m Home Perfume

Scents are a big thing for me and around this time of year I really love to wear something season-appropriate. Last October I picked up the beautiful I’m Home perfume (and wrote about it here!) the scent is incredible – like warm cocoa. This year I also picked up Vanillary body spray and have fallen head over heels for the scent. It’s not a complex smell – it’s actually a pretty standard vanilla. But it’s so strong and lovely and just perfect to wear as an everyday scent. I’ll definitely be restocking on both when they run out.


Noni I Washed The Kids Body Lotion

Body lotions are one of my favourite products from Lush and I’m always excited when they release an exclusive scent. Noni I Washed the Kids (a honey-free variant of Honey I Washed The Kids) was recently released as an exclusive through the Kitchen/Lush Labs (and it’s still there if you’re quick enough to snap it up!) I managed to snag two pots and I’m so glad I did. The HIWTK scent is one of my favourites – it’s like a warm, toffee, chocolatey scent that reminds me of pudding. It’s a delicious scent for this time of year and thanks to the organic illipe butter and almond oil it’s also deeply moisturising making it ideal for dry skin.


Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser

During the Autumn months when the weather is a bit weird and in-between my skin needs extra care. I really love the facial moisturisers from Lush and having trialled a few, have finally settled on a favourite. Gorgeous certainly isn’t cheap at £42.50 per 45g but it works wonders for my skin which is very oily but prone to dry patches. It’s a really light cream that sinks beautifully in the skin leaving it soft and fragrant. It contains freshly-juiced fruits and cold-pressed/organic oils which are said to encourage the skin to stay matte and to remove dead skin cells. It has a really light, fragrant scent – to me it’s more floral than fruity. Overall it’s a really great facial moisturiser that I would grab throughout the year, but which I appreciate even more during the Autumnal months.


Scrubee Body Butter

I feel like it’s not too much of an exaggeration to say I can’t live without Scrubee body butter. I do use this throughout the year but find I reach for it more as it gets colder. This wonder-product doubles up as a body scrub and a moisturiser and contains fair trade organic cocoa butter and fair trade shea butter to really soften up the skin. It also shares the HIWTK scent which is amazing, and is shaped like an adorable little bumble bee.


Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

Nothing says Autumn to me more than a hot bubble bath – there’s just something so perfect about a soak in the tub whilst the rain patters against the window and the wind rages outside. My all time favourite bath product is Sparkly Pumpkin – a gorgeous pumpkin coloured and shaped bubble bar, dusted with glitter. It produces mounds of soft bubbles and the most amazing orange water with swirls of iridescent glitter. The smell is divine too, like fruity sweets. Sadly it’s only available as part of the Halloween range which is released just once a year – but I always end up stocking up so that Autumnal bubble baths are available to me throughout the year.


What are Lush Cosmetics Autumn essentials? Is there a product you can’t wait to pick up every year?

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