Autumn months are for living slowly; for taking your time over a hot drink and a great book, for watching films in the dark, snuggled up under a blanket whilst candles flicker in the background. There’s no sunshine and sweltering hot days to make you feel uncomfortable and guilty for staying in doors, no urgent or societal need to get out and enjoy some crammed beach or sweat over a BBQ. September through to November you’ll find me cosy and content, enjoying the little things.

For todays Blogtober post I thought I’d share with you a few of the Autumn activities I enjoy most of all.


I learned to knit around three and a half years ago, whilst living in Stratford. Every Saturday morning I’d take the bus to Bethnal Green and to a ladies flat where I’d sit with a group of friendly strangers for an hour as I was taught the basics. It’s a skill I never progressed in, but that I never forgot either. And I’m fine with that because I accomplished what I set out to do, which is to knit scarves. I absolutely love scarves and have always wanted to be able to knit my own. Now I can and although I don’t sit religiously knitting on the tube, it’s a habit I like to pick up when the nights get colder. Maybe one day I’ll move on to jumpers.



I’m a creative person so really enjoy being able to make things with my own hands. One activity I find really rewarding during the Autumnal months is crafting. For the sake of this blog I sat down and created an autumn wreath and it was such a relaxing way to spend a couple of hours on a cold, rainy afternoon. Pinterest is a great resource for crafting ideas – there’s always a few projects on there that are worth a go. One thing to note about crafting is that it’s for everyone – despite your perceived skill level. So you don’t necessarily need to be the arty type to get a sense of enjoyment and achievement out of it.


Bubble baths and pamper evenings

I adore bubble baths and pamper evenings but somehow they just feel much nicer when the weather is cold outside. Sinking in to a hot tub of bubbles is my ultimate idea of bliss. To amp up the level of enjoyment I use Lush bubble bars and shower gels and take a stack of magazines or a good book with me to keep me occupied. Sometimes I even like to put Youtube on and just sing my heart out – it’s great for lifting my spirits. I also love to look after my skin with facemasks and if I’m really going all out I might even put a hair mask on too. Lush has a great range of products available at this time of year and the halloween range is something I always look forward to.



As I mentioned earlier, Autumn is just made for a good book. I had a bit of readers-block during the Summer, but have found as the nights draw in I’m starting to enjoy getting lost between the pages once more. I’m currently reading The Innocent Wife (as mentioned in my Autumnal Wishlist post) and Milk And Honey by Rupi Kaur; the latter being an absolutely gorgeous book of poetry and the former being a crime/thriller.



Walks in the park/woods

I don’t think it will come as a surprise that taking a walk in the park / woods is one of my all-time favourite things to do during Autumn – mostly because I have shared so many of my walks here on this blog! It’s such a fun thing to do though, and I adore crunching through piles of golden leaves, seeking out fly agaric mushrooms and taking photographs of all the pretty scenery. This week we’ve been pug-sitting for my cousin and it has been really fun to take her with us on our walks (and has definitely made for some cute photographs!)





And finally, baking! During the month of October I’m obsessed with watching Bake Off which always inspires me to create my own (somewhat less-impressive) bakes. This year I created some pumpkin spice biscuits which were really yummy. I’ll probably have another go at baking before the season is out. I’ll admit I’m not the most accomplished of bakers but it’s a really fun thing to do during this time of year, and I love that it fills the house with the most incredible smell!


So there you have it, those are my favourite Autumn activities! How do you enjoy spending these months?

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  1. This is making me feel relaxed just reading this blog. I too love a good book and I am currently reading the same book as you, it is definitely a page turner!

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